Most bedrooms will feature a bed with a headboard as standard; however, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider purchasing a bed frame without a headboard. From a practical and style point of view, this bed type could be the perfect fixture for your bedroom. Our blog outlines the appeal of bed frames without headboards, helping you decipher if this bed type suits you. 

What is the appeal of a headboard?

There are a whole host of benefits associated with headboards, meaning many people won’t even entertain the idea of their new bed not featuring a headboard. 


One of the most apparent benefits of a headboard accompanying a fabric bed is that the padded surfaces minimise noise, offer additional warmth during colder months, and provide a soft barrier between the sleeper and the hard frame of the bed. With fabric or leather bed frames, the headboard can act as a comfortable backrest, allowing you to sit upright in bed and eat breakfast or watch television.

Should I Buy A Bed Without A Headboard?


More often than not, the bed frame will be the room’s focal point and most significant furnishing; after all, a well-chosen headboard can instantly elevate the look of your bedroom, making it more visually appealing and inviting for your guests. Therefore, paying particular attention to the bed’s style only makes sense to ensure it aligns with your room’s vision and aesthetics. One of the best ways to ensure the bed stands out is through the headboard’s style and design. Features such as buttoned detailing or winged pillars can add a touch of elegance and character to your bedroom. 

What about the appeal of bed frames without headboards?

These types of bed frames are ideally suited for modern or smaller bedrooms. Subtle and minimalist furnishings often categorise contemporary bedrooms; therefore, a chic bed frame without a headboard could be the perfect fixture for your modern bedroom. Alternatively, a bed without a headboard is also a fantastic choice for smaller bedrooms; with less emphasis on the bed, the bedroom can appear larger. A bed frame without a headboard is a great way to ‘free up space and give you more room to work within a small space.’

Should I Buy A Bed Without A Headboard?

How can I decide what the best option is for me? 

First and foremost, consider how important a headboard is for you. As alluded to earlier, some people believe the headboard is an integral part of the bed, whereas others may see the benefits of no headboard for the reasons mentioned above. Here at Mattressman, we feature an excellent collection of beds with and without headboards, ensuring we’ll likely feature the perfect bed for you. Once you’ve settled on your preferred style, envisage how well the bed will look in your bedroom. Although beds without a headboard could be a match for any bedroom, they’re ideally suited for smaller spaces and minimalist settings. For inspiration, check out our wonderful Shed Bed collection and see if we feature a bed frame tailor-made for your bedroom. 

Consider a divan bed

If you’re caught in two minds between opting for a bed with a headboard or a bed without, one of our divan options could be the perfect solution. These bed types allow you to customise your sleeping solution and choose your preferred storage options, upholstery and whether you’d like your new bed to feature a headboard. With this in mind, you could purchase your divan bed and browse our collection of headboards to add to your new bed at a later date.