Sometimes it’s hard to know if cheaper mattresses are of good value. Paying a cheaper price tag doesn’t have to mean getting a poor quality mattress, and that’s why we have put together the ‘best budget mattresses guide’. Below you will find our top 6 mattresses that offer comfort, support and an appealing, affordable price.

Best value open coil mattress

Incredibly great value, this open coil Snuggle mattress has many great qualities:

  • Medium support, ideal for side sleepers and lighter to average body weights.
  • Durable polyester fibre fillings fantastic for hayfever sufferers
  • Two-sided, giving this mattress durability and longevity if rotated and flipped regularly.
  • Micro quilting provides a soft surface layer, as well as holding together the fillings tightly.

Best value pocket sprung mattress

Pocket sprung is one of the most popular kinds of mattresses, so it makes the price of the Restapocket 850 even more appealing:

  • Medium firm support, designed for combination sleepers or couples who have different sleeping position preferences.
  • 850 pocket springs (in a king size) which mould to the body, a quiet option that prevents roll together, another ideal option for couples.
  • Recommended to hayfever suffers due to polyester fibre fillings.
  • Breathable and soft damask cover with traditional hand tufting. This keeps fillings together and adds tension to springs.

Best value firm mattress

This mattress is an especially good value choice because it incorporates Silentnight’s innovative Miracoil spring system:

  • Firmer support is achieved through the Miracoil continual wire system, best designed for people who prefer to sleep on their front or back.
  • Utilises EcoComfort fibre fillings, perfect for hayfever sufferers.
  • Stitched micro-quilted cover, providing a soft finish.
  • One-sided for easy maintenance, no routine flipping of the mattress.

Best value Silentnight mattress

Another mattress that is simply great value is the Pocket Essentials 1000. Silentnight has created an affordable option that’s fairly cheap in comparison to other mattresses of a similar kind. It includes…

  • Medium firm support, brilliant for people who sleep in a variety of sleeping positions and couples who share a bed.
  • Silentnight’s Mirapocket system includes 1000 springs (in a king-size mattress). It moves with the contours of your body and alleviates pressure points.
  • Knitted and micro-quilted cover for comfort and breathability.
  • Polyester fillings, great for hayfever sufferers.

Best value all-rounder mattress

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, top-quality mattress then the Shire Quilt is a brilliant option:

  • Medium support for side sleepers and lighter to average statures.
  • Open coil system with durable tempered springs.
  • 100% polyester fillings, great for durability and hayfever sufferers.
  • Two-sided for greater longevity.

So there you have it, our top picks for budget mattresses! Who doesn’t love saving? And we think that there’s something here for everyone…