Now that the summer is passing us by, you might want to start thinking about that cosy vibe you want in your home throughout the colder months. Not all of us have a wood burner in our living space, but we can make up the homely feel by getting organised, investing in some cottage-cosy furniture and making sure we’re getting a good night’s sleep on a comfy mattress! Take a read through our top tips and favourite furniture suggestions to get you ready for the autumn months…

A cosy home is an organised home

When there’s clutter and mess around, it makes for more chaos rather than cosiness, and there’s plenty of furniture out there that have a snug, autumnal vibe.

One easy storage solution is an ottoman bed – giving you plenty of storage in a furnishing that would be taking up space anyway! Birlea’s Phoenix Ottoman Oak screams autumnal vibes whilst is still a versatile look.

Alternatively, sideboards and chest of drawers with wooden accents bring organisation, warmth and homeliness effortlessly. Storage solutions don’t have to take up a tonne of space either, as you can see in the Jakarta 5 Drawer Slim Chest. But if you do have space to play around with, a larger sideboard can be just as effective, and the Orleans Cabinet Sideboard is cosy with a modern touch.


Throughout lockdown, many of us have jumped on board the redecorating hype. If you weren’t one of those people, maybe now is a great time to decorate some rooms in your home with a relaxing mood in mind.

Whilst some of you may love a vibrant splash of colour, your bedroom should be a place of calmer colour schemes such as pastel blues, greens or yellows, as well as neutral tones. By comparison, bright tones such as reds and oranges tend to be associated with stress, which may not be the best choice for a relaxation session.

Homely furnishings

From blanket boxes to coffee tables, accent sofas to the lamp table beside it, or even the shelving unit to the wine cabinet, we’ve got furnishings to help you achieve that snug look.

Wicker baskets contribute to that cottage-cosy feel, and that’s why the Cotswold Lamp Table has the autumn-esque vibe. As offering storage solutions and a cosy style is what it’s all about!

Wake up right…

Having a cosy home isn’t always down to how it looks, but how it feels. When you wake up you want to be warm and relaxed, and with the colder months approaching, you should make sure you’ve got the right duvet!

Duvets have tog ratings which define how thick they are and how warm they will keep you. It’s unrealistic to change your duvet for all four seasons of the year, but interchanging between two duvets for the colder and warmer months is more feasible. Anything that’s a 10.5 tog rating or above will help you keep warm on those chilly nights, and you’ll wake up with that cosy autumnal feeling.

Duvets aren’t the only way to wake up in the right way, sleeping on the right surface for you is the best way. Most of the mattresses we stock online tell you what kind of sleeper it’s best designed for in the description!

And there you have Mattressman’s tips to achieving a relaxing look in your home, perfect for autumn! What do you think is the best way to executing that cosy vibe in your home? Let us know in the comments below…