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Two separate mattresses.

Zip and link mattresses are super versatile because you can go from two single beds to one king size mattress with the simplicity of a zip. Brilliant for guest bedrooms where you often need to switch between two and one sleeping solution, zip and link mattresses are an ideal choice for partners who share a bed but have different sleeping preferences. This allows for each to have a side of the bed that caters to their sleep needs whilst still being able to share a bed. If you like the idea of zip and link mattresses but wish for a larger size, check out our super king size mattress zip and link options too.

Different mattress tensions?

If you and your partner share a bed but have different sleep preferences, then you may want to invest in a king size zip and link mattress with different tensions. For example, if one of you is a preferred side sleeper then you can opt for a soft or medium tension mattress, as this will provide cushioning to pressure points and promote healthy spine alignment. Alternatively, if the other prefers to sleep on their back or front, a firm or extra firm mattress tension will ensure they're supported throughout the night. In between these, if you prefer to sleep in all positions, then a medium firm support tension is neither too soft nor too firm to support and provide comfort all night long.
So if you're looking to invest in a king size zip and link mattress that has different tensions on either side, please ensure that the mattress you're interested in is available in both the support tensions you wish to have. To order, please contact our team directly on 0333 577 5773.

What size are king size zip and link mattresses?

When the two mattresses are zipped together, the dimensions of the king size zip and link mattress is 5'0" wide and 6'6" long, which is 150cm by 200cm. However, when the two mattresses are detached, they equate to the sizes of two small single mattresses. The dimensions of these small single mattresses are 2'6" wide and 6'6" long, or 75cm by 200cm.

What types of zip and link mattresses are there?

Because a zip link mattress is made up of two halves, when they are combined it needs to feel as if they aren't two separate sleeping solutions. In order for the two halves to come seamlessly together, the mattress composition needs to be high quality with continuity and consistency. This is why all of our king size zip and link mattresses are pocket sprung, offering fantastic support and comfort. A pocket spring is an individually moving spring encased in its own fabric pocket, meaning that pocket sprung mattress surfaces can respond to the contours of your body as you sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are great for supplying total body support and therefore relieving pressure on joints and spine.
The spring count of our zip link mattresses ranges anywhere between 1000 and 3400 pocket springs, and the mattress firmness range also spans from soft to extra firm. On top of this, many of our zip and link mattresses are filled with natural fillings. We advise anyone who is affected by hayfever or dust mite allergies to opt for a mattress without natural fillings, as these fibres have larger pore sizes which enable dust mites to pass through easily and build up. The natural fillings incorporated across our range of zip link mattresses include wool, cotton, cashmere, alpaca wool, silk and mohair, all of which have many benefits such as breathability, absorption and insulation properties. Shop a pocket sprung zip link mattress today to be on your way to your ideal sleeping environment.

What brands of king size zip and link mattresses do we stock?

Zip and link mattresses are extremely versatile and useful, which is why some of the best brands design and manufacture such mattresses. Here at Mattressman, we stock king size zip and link mattresses from Relyon and Hypnos, some of our most trusted suppliers who go above and beyond to produce quality sleeping solutions.

What other benefits are there to a king size zip and link mattress?

When you purchase a zip and link mattress from Mattressman, you can rely on our fantastic services such as free delivery. For the zip and link mattresses that are in stock and ordered before 4pm, you can make the most of our next day delivery for the next working day.