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What size are European double beds?

The European double mattress is 140 x 200cm, similar to the standard UK equivalent at 135 x 190cm. This gives the European double bed an extra 10cm in length compared to the UK counterparts.

How does this differ from a European small double mattress?

An EU double mattress provides extra room compared to the European small double, measuring 120 x 200cm. This is 10cm longer than a UK standard small double mattress.

What beds are compatible with the European double?

If you want to purchase this type of mattress, you will likely have to buy a new European double bed frame or divan that fits this size. The European range differs from many of our double bed frames because the bed provides extra space in width and length compared to the UK equivalent. At Mattressman, we can produce European-size mattresses and divans. Contact our team at 0333 577 5773 to discuss your options today.

What types of EU double mattresses do we stock?

Our variety ensures an option for every kind of sleeper. Please continue to read below to discover the attributes of each mattress type to find the best European double mattress for you.

Pocket sprung

Looking for a mattress with the ultimate pressure relief, breathability, even weight distribution and zero motion transfer? A pocket sprung mattress is an excellent choice for you. Comprising hundreds and thousands of individual pocket springs, they move independently to shape the contours of your body. A pocket spring mattress is filled with polyester or natural fillings, so there are many combinations to determine what is best for you.

Open coil

Affordable and offering great firm support, open coil mattresses are constructed with a continuous coil to form the entire spring unit. One of the oldest mattress manufacturing methods for a sprung mattress, an open coil mattress is one of the best budget options.

Memory foam

Memory foam, body moulding and pressure relieving are popular mattresses in our range. The material comprises a spongey material consisting of millions of tiny holes, in which air seeps out when pressure is applied to the sleeping surface. This allows the mattress to adapt to the contours of your body shape, returning to its original shape when you remove pressure from it. However, minimal airflow means that memory foam traps body heat exceptionally well. For anyone who tends to get too hot at night, consider a different mattress, such as a sprung mattress, latex, Geltex or reflex foam. The latter is a cheaper version of memory foam but has better breathability.


With such a wide selection available, it can take time to decipher the right mattress. Our European double beds include a hybrid mattress, combining pocket springs with a memory foam comfort layer. Our hybrid mattresses incorporate comfort layers using latex, Geltex and gel foam outside the European double size range. This means you can benefit from the springs' unparalleled support whilst enjoying the advantages of a comfort layer.

What mattress firmness is right for me?

Your preferred sleeping position can determine the right mattress firmness for you. This is because how one tension supports a side sleeper can cause the spine to rest in a misaligned place for a back sleeper. Please select the right product that is suitable for you by reading our advice below.

"I'm a side sleeper"

Sleeping on your side requires ample cushioning for your shoulders and hips, the areas of the body that impact the mattress surface the most at night. For this reason, a preferred side sleeper should opt for a medium mattress, as included in our European double mattress range. Not only will you benefit from the extra space this size provides, but also brilliant support and comfort as you sleep.

"I sleep on my back or stomach"

Alternatively, preferred back or stomach sleepers are best suited to a firmer mattress. The mattress surface needs to remain flat to promote healthy spine alignment, precisely what a firmer tension can provide.

"I sleep in all positions"

If you don't exclusively sleep on your side, back or stomach, you will find that a medium firm mattress is most appropriate for your sleep. This is because the bed will neither be too soft nor firm to support you and promote proper spinal alignment, no matter your position.

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