Join Mattressman in #ZeroWasteWeek to help save our planet.

Zero Waste Mattress Disposal

Over the past year, there have been many headlines that have hit hard in relation to climate change. From the bushfires in Australia and more recently California, the effects of climate change are becoming more apparent.

Even as the world halted due to coronavirus our environment started to radically improve, revealing the damage of how we operated before to the truest extent. This raises a question: how can we change in order to keep up the benefits that we are seeing over the COVID-19 period? As people, we all have some personal responsibility to aim towards becoming a more environmentally-aware society, and one this should include sending as little as possible to the landfill. And as a business, we have a responsibility to champion this notion, and how you can become more environmentally-aware, even when it comes to your mattress.

You may have taken your old mattress down to the local tip before, maybe thinking that the materials in a mattress aren’t harmful, so what’s the big deal? Most of these materials may not be the worst in the dump, it takes decades for a mattress to deteriorate.
Every time you get a new mattress, your old mattress from 20-25 years could still be slowly deteriorating in a landfill. So how can you dispose of your mattress sustainably?

It’s certainly not a new phenomenon. Here at Mattressman, we’ve been operating under a zero-landfill policy for over 5 years now, and we also offer one of the cheapest recycling services for your old beds in the industry. Collecting, transporting and recycling your mattresses and/or bed frames for only £30 per item.

Zero Waste Mattress Disposal

Once in our care, we transport them to a recycling centre where it’s then sorted and treated. The springs from the mattress will be removed and melted down at steel mills, and foams are sanitised and repurposed for other uses such as padding. The rest is often used for energy production, especially if they’re beyond revival. Not only does this mean you can sleep better on a new mattress, but you can sleep better knowing that every part of your old mattress is being recycled, and not just waiting decades to eventually deteriorate.

So if you’re due a mattress upgrade soon, help save our environment in #ZeroWasteWeek! Use our recycling service and maybe even pick out a more environmentally friendly mattress from trusted brands such as Silentnight, Jay-Be and more. These small steps are what will help protect our environment for future generations.