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Why should I choose a blue bed?

A deep, rich blue bed is ideal for a contemporary living space. With connotations of luxury and elegance, it provides a stylish finish to a glamorous bedroom.

What variations of the colour blue are available?

Our range of blue beds encompasses dark shades with subtle variations to tailor your bed frame to the bedroom. So whether it's a dark midnight blue or a vivid royal blue, our blue beds will prove a stylish acquisition. In contrast to light blue beds, dark blue is a rich and bold colour, and therefore, it's important to consider whether dark blue is the best match for your room.

What colour scheme suits blue beds?

It's essential that your bedroom furniture and colour scheme work in tandem to ensure a cohesive feel and look to your room. A bedroom that clashes in colour can represent a disjointed living space.

Rich blues and greens

A combination of dark blue and rich greens demonstrates opulence in abundance. Enhance the richness and luxuriousness of your blue upholstered bed frame by surrounding the bed frame with rich, deep greens.

Crisp white and dark blue

A crisp, sharp white is the perfect high-contrast partner for dark blue. If you're searching for a dark blue bed frame but are conscious that a dark colour scheme may be overbearing, white is the perfect counterpart to a dark blue. White provides an uplifting and breezy atmosphere and is the ideal accompaniment to the boldness of dark blue.

Dark blue and orange

At the first mention of a dark blue and orange bedroom, you would be forgiven for opting for a safer and trusted set of colours for your bedroom. However, a dark blue bed frame complements a vibrant orange bedroom. Orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel and creates a bold and vibrant aesthetic when paired together.

What varieties of blue bed frames does Mattressman stock?

Our rich blue beds share the same common denominator: an upholstered bed frame. An upholstered bed frame provides a soft, muted feel to enhance the room's warmth. Smoother to the touch than wooden bed frames, if you're looking for a soft and inviting bed frame, an upholstered bed frame is more suitable than wooden or metal bed frames.

Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are popular among those seeking additional storage space in their bedroom; they include integrated storage systems, lifting the base through hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath. With the ability to free up ample space, ottoman beds are a good choice for a smaller room with limited storage facilities. The advantage of an ottoman bed frame in a rich, dark blue is that it blurs the lines between practicality and style and is, therefore, an ideal addition to the bedroom.

What sizes of blue beds does Mattressman stock?

Alternatively, you can search for your blue bed frame by size. Our blue beds are available in various sizes, from a single to a super king size bed frame. A single bed frame generally fits a 3'0" wide and 6'3" long mattress. Our small double beds accommodate a small double mattress that is 4'0" wide by 6'3" long, with our double beds measuring 4'6" wide by 6'3" long. Our king size beds measure 5'0" wide by 6'3" long, in contrast to our super king size beds that measure 6'0" wide by 6'6" long.

Why should I purchase a blue bed from Mattressman?

Free delivery

Mattressman's free next working day delivery on all beds (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area) outlines Mattressman's affordable and convenient delivery process. View our delivery information page for further details.


Mattressman can dispose of your old bed frame to make way for your new brown bed frame. Please note we can only dispose of like-for-like items. The service costs £30.00 per item and is only available with our bedroom delivery service. For further information regarding our delivery surface, please ring our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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