The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed

The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed

Many of us admit to not reading enough. For whatever reason, we can’t seem to find the time to pick up a book. But what about just before going to bed? 

You likely did a lot of bedtime reading during your childhood, and might read with your children before bed, so why not revive this with some me time? Reading a book as part of your bedtime routine can be very beneficial to your sleep and it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.

If you’ve ever questioned: why is it good to read before bed? We’ve got you covered. Discover all the benefits of a good night’s reading session here as we explore all the goodness provided by a bedtime book.

7 Reasons to Read Before Sleep

There are many advantages to bedtime reading as an adult. Here are just a few:

1. Reduced Stress Level

Reading is a great way to relieve stress, and research has shown that those who read before bed are likely to see their stress levels reduce by as much as 68%.

The idea is that, as we immerse ourselves further into a book, the further away our problems become. Doing so just before bed allows us to completely clear our minds of worries from the day gone, leaving us to sink into a relaxing sleep.

The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed

2. Increased Creativity

Reading at any time of day is great for boosting your creativity levels, but perhaps even more so at bedtime. When we sleep, our brains go through various REM cycles, resulting in sometimes vivid, imaginative dreams. 

When immersed in a book, we’re much more likely to experience the same fictitious environments in our sleep. So, if you’re after inspiration for a project or if you just want to boost your creativity, take a book to bed.

3. Sharpened Focus

Let’s face it, reading can be hard. Amidst the distractions of daily life, it’s difficult to find the time to properly immerse ourselves within a story. 

That’s why reading at bedtime is perhaps the most optimal way to do it. Dimming down the lights, and pulling up the covers with a hot beverage; the chance of distraction is reduced significantly. Doing this allows us to stay much more connected to a story, giving greater opportunities for immersion and overall enjoyment.

The Benefits Of Reading Before Bed

Improved Concentration

In a technology-led society, we are used to having everything we need at our fingertips. Rarely do we have to think about something for too long – that’s if we don’t want to, of course! This means that our lives are much more efficient but regularly hampered by poor concentration, as all of these gadgets mean our attention span is diminished – this is where reading comes in.

Reading in bed can be a great way of retraining your brain to focus on something for longer than a few minutes. If repeated, getting to the end of a chapter each night will mean it’s far more likely that our ability to concentrate for longer will increase.

Induced Sleep

Sleep can be trivial. Sometimes, we can’t wait to hit the hay and hunker down for a good eight hours; other times, it seems like our brains want to do anything but. Reading is a good way to counteract overstimulation before bedtime, forcing us to slow down and take a breath.

Bright screens are notoriously bad for preventing good sleeping practice. So, to keep your thoughts from running laps around your brain, consider picking up a book. Relaxing stories are preferred, whereas horror tales can actually have the opposite effect, keeping us awake well beyond our natural bedtime.

Positive Dreams

This benefit is of course dependent on the type of books you enjoy, but generally, going to sleep after digesting positive content (especially written) can help boost our moods. This is particularly important after receiving some bad news, or after a long hard day in the office. 

Ensuring that you’re happy before sleep goes a long way, and is crucial in improving mental wellbeing.

Improved Memory Retention

If you’re particularly invested in a book, the last thing you’ll want to do is forget the plotline.

Reading at night-time allows us to better process the information we’ve just digested. Finishing a particularly difficult chapter? Don’t worry if you’re confused, your brain shall work its magic overnight to help you condense information and realign your thoughts.

This is especially helpful when reading self-help books, as books of this nature are filled with guidance, advice and information on a multitude of topics.

Sleep Better, Tonight

As you can see, reading at night time has plenty of benefits. Give it a try tonight and sink yourself into that novel you’ve been putting off. Not only will you enjoy it, but your body will also thank you afterwards.

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