Sure, you’ll rarely see a bed without a mattress and vice-versa, but have you ever considered if the bed frame is actually necessary? After all, it’s the mattress that we lie on, not the actual bed. This blog provides insight into the benefits of bed frames and whether they’re important for a better night’s sleep. 

So, do I need a bed frame?

The short answer is no- there is no reason to suggest your mattress can’t be placed directly on the floor. However, there are many reasons that suggest that buying a bed frame to accommodate your mattress is worthwhile. 

Mattress longevity

If your mattress is placed directly on the floor, it’s susceptible to dust and dirt and increases the likelihood of mildew or mold. In addition, placing your mattress on the floor means it’s easier for bed bugs to jump on and burrow in your mattress.

Are Bed Frames Necessary?

Protects your guarantee

There are often stipulations to your mattress’s warranty, such as the need for a bed frame that properly supports your mattress. Information about the guarantee for any of our mattresses can be found under the product’s description. 


We have become so accustomed to seeing mattresses paired with bed frames that a mattress by itself will likely look out of place. The bed frame is, more often than not, the most prominent and largest furnishing within the room and allows people an opportunity to showcase your preferred style and vision. For instance, a plush fabric bed frame will showcase a contemporary style, whereas a rustic natural wooden bed indicates a more traditional style. 

Are Bed Frames Necessary?

Are there any benefits of not having a bed frame?

Some people may point towards cost as a reason for not owning a bed frame; however, with such an extensive collection to choose from here at Mattressman, we’re confident you’ll find a stylish and durable bed frame to suit your budget. 

Are Bed Frames Necessary?

Increases firmness

Your sleeping position goes a long way to determining which mattress tension is suitable for you. A firm or extra firm mattress is best suited for anyone who sleeps on their front or back as these mattress types evenly distribute weight and provide sufficient spinal support. Therefore, if you find that your mattress is too soft, placing it on the floor will make it firmer. However, our 60-night sleep trial, in which any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector is eligible, looks to combat this and instead provide an extended window to test the suitability of your new mattress, meaning you don’t have to resort to getting rid of your bed frame. Please note, as part of the terms and conditions of our sleep trial, the mattress must not be stained or soiled upon return and must be in resellable condition.

Potential health benefits

According to the Sleepfoundation, potential benefits of sleeping on the floor include ‘a cooler sleep temperature, relief from back pain, and better posture.’ Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix to enhance your night’s sleep, it may be worthwhile placing your mattress on the floor.

Find the solution that best suits you

In conclusion, the pros of owning a bed frame are likely to outweigh the cons both from a style and practical point of view. However, if after reading our blog you find it best for your room not to feature a bed frame, you can place your mattress on the floor.