Thinking about adding a divan base to your bedroom but don’t really know much about them? Below we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about divans to help you out…

What is a divan base?

The most popular style of bed in the UK, a divan base is a bed frame consisting of two halves. Sometimes a divan base is known as a ‘divan’ or a ‘divan set’. One of the reasons why they’re so popular is probably down to the fact that they can be split into two halves. If it ever needs to be manoeuvred, it’s made easy due to this.

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What are divan bed bases made of?

Normally constructed from a strong wooden frame that is upholstered in fabric. They’re also usually fitted with wheels in each corner of both halves, and usually, they have drawers built into them which makes them a great storage solution too.

What’s a divan set?

A divan base is simply the bed frame, as we have mentioned. The difference with divan sets is that you can choose a base, mattress, storage and a headboard or a smaller combination of just the base and mattress all in a singular purchase. So if you’re in need of an entire bed revamp and are interested in divans, then going down the divan set route may be the way.

Are divan beds strong?

Divan bases are usually very strong and sturdy. However, if you’re worried about it not being strong enough, there are reinforced divan options.

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Do all divan beds have drawers?

No, there are many different options for drawers in divans. The maximum you can have is four and if you don’t want any drawers then you can opt to have none. If you wanted two drawers, the layout of where they can go is also customisable: 2 on one side or 2 down either side on the foot/top end.

Alongside this, there’s also the option of having the divan base in an ottoman style. This means that you can lift up the top surface of the base and reveal storage beneath. A great way to add some storage space in the bedroom. 

Is a sprung divan base better?

Firstly, what is a spring edge divan bed? Simply, it’s when the divan features springs within the base, providing extra support for you and the mattress.

So, is the sprung divan base better? Well, it depends on what your support preference is. A platform top divan base (solid surface with no springs) offers a sturdy base and can offer more firm support to whatever tension mattress is on it. However, with a sprung divan base, it offers more gentle support to whatever mattress is on it. It can even soften the feel of a firm mattress. So if you prefer softer support, a sprung divan base could be the way to go.

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Are divans expensive?

Divans are normally the cheaper option when compared to other styles of bed frames. Even better – divan sets are better value in comparison to buying a bed frame and mattress separately. 

Do divans come with headboards?

Most of the time a headboard will not be included with the divan base, however, you can opt to get one if you want. If you get a divan set, it’s likely you can pick a matching headboard.

Are divans easy to assemble?

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Divans are some of the easiest to assemble. It’s normally a case of attaching the legs/wheels to the base, locking together both halves with secure clips and attaching the headboard if you have chosen to get one.

And there you have it. We hope that this has helped answer any of your questions about how divan beds work. Be sure to check our divan range if you’re thinking about investing in one.