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Why should I purchase a brown headboard?

Earthy tones

Brown, with its earthy tones and connotations of nature, creates a calming, earthy and serine feeling to the bedroom, ensuring a restful night's sleep. For a headboard that offers warmth and an abundance of character, a brown headboard is an excellent choice for your bedroom.


The colour brown is renowned for its versatility and can seamlessly fit into various colour schemes. Varying from lighter shades of brown to rich, deep hues, any of our brown headboards are guaranteed to suit your bedroom. A brown headboard perfectly compliments a neutral décor.

What type of brown headboards are available?

Floorstanding Headboards

As the name suggests, a floorstanding headboard stands directly on the floor behind the bed frame.

Strutted Headboards

With a strutted headboard, the headboard is attached to the bed base via two wooden struts. Strutted headboards can be easily adjusted to the height you want.

What styles of headboards are available?

Tall headboards

As the name suggests, a tall headboard is similar to any other headboard but is of a greater height; upholstered in fabric for a luxury feel, a tall headboard is a bold and elegant addition to your bed. In addition, tall headboards are fantastic at filling the vertical space in tall bedrooms and accompanying space that is otherwise disregarded.

Buttoned headboards

A buttoned headboard is upholstered in fabric or another material with ample, deep button indentations implemented throughout the surface layer of the headboard. Buttoned headboards in the colour brown combine contemporary style with traditional upholstery and blur the lines between conventional and modern headboards.

Tailor your brown headboard to your bed

Here at Mattressman, we have a range of brown headboards sold separately from our beds; this is beneficial as it means you can purchase an upholstered headboard to compliment your existing bed. With a wide array of different designs and colours, you'll be sure to find a stylish brown headboard to rejuvenate your bedroom.

Apart from providing style, what is the importance of a headboard?

The purpose of the headboards isn't merely to elevate the room's décor; a whole host of benefits accompany our brown headboards to protect your bed.

Head and back support

Beds are utilised for so much more than sleeping, and most of the time we spend in bed is sitting upright against a headboard. With our brown headboards, you can receive cushioned support to your head and back to promote healthy spinal alignment.

Able to prevent wall damage

Depending on the bed's placement, a headboard acts as a barrier between the bed and the wall, preventing any damage that may occur.

Keeps your pillows secure

A bed without a headboard increases the risk of pillows falling down the sleeping end of the bed; as trivial as this may seem, a headboard prevents this from happening,

How often should I replace a headboard?

Unless the headboard is unstable and in poor condition, there isn't an immediate need to replace it; however, if your headboard is dated, faded or worn, it can make your bed look old and uninviting, and a new headboard may be necessary. If this is the case with your headboard, take a look at our fantastic range of brown headboards and reinvent your bedroom.

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