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Desks and Workstations

Including a desk or workstation in your home is great if you ever need to work from home or have children that need a space to do homework. Providing a desk for yourself and your household gives you the perfect area to concentrate and crack on with some work.

We have a range of desks that feature storage like drawers and open shelves, making them perfect for workstations with more paperwork, clutter and stationary. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have small, dainty desks which would be great for a child's bedroom, or a living area that is limited by space. We’ve also included innovative ladder desks which are not only great saving options, but provide lots of shelf space too.

With the variety of sizes of desk that we offer, we also have a great range of style. The Nordica and Lancaster feature neutral yet cosy style, whilst the Copenhagen and Panama go down the traditional or classic route. Even better, we have included extra small desks and chairs for the little ones, perfect for drawing and playing on.