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what is the difference between open coil and pocket sprung mattresses

Generally, there are four types of mattresses: pocket sprung, open coil, memory foam and latex. These four types can be narrowed down even further into categories of mattresses with spring systems (pocket sprung and open coil) or foam-like structures (memory and latex). Whilst open coil and pocket sprung mattresses go under this umbrella together, they’re still significantly different. Therefore, we’re going to talk you through the main differences between these two mattresses…

Spring structure

One of the main differences between these two mattresses is their respective spring structures. Open coil mattresses have individual springs that are all connected by a continuous wire. Not to be confused with continuous coil mattresses, where the springs are of the same length of wire.

Open coil spring system

As for a pocket sprung mattress, they have individual springs that are sewn into their own fabric pockets. The main difference in the functionality of these types is that pocket springs can move independently from one another, giving them the superior ability to mould to the contours of your body.

Pocket springs


Because pocket sprung mattresses are more able to move with the shape of your body, it generally makes them more supportive. Pocket springs can help promote correct spine alignment and relieve pressures from strained parts of the body. This is not to say that an open coil mattress can’t be, as Silentnight’s Miracoil and Sealy’s Posturepedic mattresses demonstrate.

These innovative systems in open coil mattresses can bypass what a pocket sprung mattress does for you, as it really depends on what you’re looking for. Miracoil and Posturepedic mattresses are great for people who are looking for firmer support and backcare. If you aren’t looking for either of those things, then you may be more swayed towards a pocket sprung mattress that potentially offers more comfort.


How comfortable a mattress is certainly is subjective to everyone’s preferences. With both kinds of mattress, you can find tensions varying from softer to extra firm, with an array of fillings as well as differing mattress depths. Depending on what you find comfortable will determine what aspects you like in a mattress.

However when speaking generally, a pocket sprung mattress allows you to move independently from a partner, thus having undisturbed slumbers. You cannot get this in an open coil mattress because the continuous wire that connects every spring will cause other springs to shift in unison. On top of this, the springs in an open coil mattress lose their form quicker, which can lead to ‘roll-together’ in the middle of the mattress. The longevity of a pocket spring is better which may contribute to increased comfort overall.


Generally, the price of an open coil mattress is a lot cheaper in comparison to a pocket sprung mattress. You may be sacrificing some aspects of comfort with an open coil, whilst it’s also much cheaper and easier to manufacture in comparison to a pocket sprung. 

With there being a minimum of 800 springs that have to be sewn into pockets for a pocket sprung mattress, it makes the manufacturing process longer and more expensive. However not all pocket sprung mattresses are ragingly expensive. You can find mattresses on both ends of the price spectrum in both types of mattresses. With Mattressman, there’s generally more open coil mattress below £200 than there are for pocket sprung, making open coil the better option if you’re balancing comfort and budget.

With all that’s been said, there are clear pros and cons to both types of mattress. If you have a higher budget, a pocket sprung mattress offers more comfortable aspects then an open coil mattress. However if you’re on a lower budget, it’s certainly not impossible to find a pocket sprung mattress for you. Open coil mattresses are great as a budget option or for those who have backcare in the forefront of their mind. Overall, it truly depends on what you find to suit you best.

Have you got an open coil or pocket sprung mattress? Have you shifted from one type to another? Let us know what you think about either.

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