All of the leather beds we stock are made from faux leather, a synthetic, artificial type of leather. Comprised of a plastic base, faux leather is cruelty-free, cheaper than real leather, and more resistant to cracking or UV fading. On top of this, it’s also one of the easiest types of bed frames to look after. Here are our top tips on how to care for your faux leather bed…

How should I look after my leather bed?

1) Protection is key

Using a protective treatment on faux leather is a fantastic precaution to take in caring for your bed frame. Usually, this would penetrate and moisturise real leather, but when used on faux leather it creates a thin protective layer that makes it easier to clean when it comes to it. This also helps you avoid using a harsher cleaning treatment if marks appear on your bed, as the protective layer means you can use a more gentle cleaner. Overall, this means the faux leather won’t dry out and potentially shrink.

Simply follow the instructions on the leather protector you use to get the best results.

2) Cleaning

Leather Bed Care Guide

Besides protecting your leather bed, the cleaning process is extremely easy. To avoid the shrinking faux leather, we recommend using a solution of warm water and washing up liquid with a non-abrasive cloth. Ensure you don’t expose the faux leather to excess moisture, and always ensure you dry the faux leather with a microfibre cloth after too.

3) Top tips to keep in mind

Leather Bed Care Guide

Be mindful of where your leather bed is placed. If it’s in direct sunlight, you may want to close your bedroom curtains during the day. This is because sunlight can cause faux leather to dry out, increasing the chances of shrinkage and cracks.

Never use bleach on your leather bed frame. It can cause drying, cracking and discolouration. The same can be said about abrasive scrubs and any heavy detergent.

If you’re looking for a leather bed, be sure to browse our fantastic range from trusted bed brands.