Normally, the size of mattress you have will indicate what kind of duvet you have. For example, a single mattress will generally have a single duvet cover. Duvet covers and mattresses are not actually the same when it comes down to the dimensions. So what actually are the sizes of duvets in comparison to their mattress equivalents? This guide will show measurements in the format of width x length in centimetres.

What Size Is A Double Duvet? And Other Bedding Queries Answered

Single duvet dimensions

The standard UK size for a single mattress is 90cm x 190cm, and surprisingly the duvet size is much bigger than that at 135cm x 200cm. The width of the duvet is 45cm bigger than the mattress itself, allowing full coverage and preventing you from getting cold.

When buying bed linen, it’s therefore important to remember that the fitted sheets that cover the mattress will be the smaller dimensions. And of course, the bigger dimensions will fit the single duvet cover.

Double bed duvet size

Similarly, the double duvet size is much bigger than the mattress dimensions. The mattress is 135cm x 190cm (almost the size of a single duvet!) whilst the duvet is 200cm x 200cm.

King size duvet dimensions

A king size mattress has the dimensions of 150cm x 198cm, and the duvet size is 225cm x 220cm. Making the width of this duvet 75cm larger than the mattress width.

Super king size duvet dimensions?

Whilst the mattress of a superking is 180cm x 198cm, the duvet size is a significant 260cm x 220cm.

What Size Is A Double Duvet? And Other Bedding Queries Answered

The anomalies

Children that are old enough to use a single mattress can use a standard single duvet cover. However, what do you use for babies and toddlers? It’s advised that duvets are not used for children under 12 months, as this can pose an overheating risk.

However, beyond this age, they can use a duvet. The dimensions for a duvet size to fit a cot bed is 80cm x 120cm, whilst the duvet size for a toddler bed is 100cm x 120cm.

Another anomaly is the small double mattress size… what duvet size can you use for it? The mattress dimensions for a small double are 120cm x 190cm, and whilst it’s perfectly fine to use a standard double duvet, the small double duvet dimensions are 170cm x 200cm.

Does it matter if the size of my duvet doesn’t match my mattress?

The simple answer is… of course not. If you like to have a bigger duvet than your mattress size, then why not? Some people may find comfort in having a double duvet on a single bed, or a kingsize on a double bed, and so on. It certainly allows for much better coverage, keeping you more insulated at night, especially if you feel the cold more or have a partner that loves to steal the duvet!

We hope these tips have helped you find the right duvet for your bed… let us know if you have any duvet preferences below!