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What is the importance of bedroom furniture?

Ideally, your bedroom will feature various furnishings to accommodate clothes and other belongings and will occupy a significant space in your room to ensure a tidy and organised bedroom. Therefore, an equal emphasis must be placed on style and practicality. The bedroom is often where we unwind and socialise, and the amount of time spent here emphasises the importance of the room's style. 

Why should I consider grey bedroom furniture?

Modern style

Grey is often a mainstay among contemporary living spaces showcasing an elegant and effortlessly stylish aesthetic. A rich grey resembles a rich and daring look, whereas a light cool grey is considered more sleek and chic.

Grey helps to elevate the room's decor

The understated tones of grey can provide the perfect basis for your bedroom and allow any opulent furnishings or decor to capture the room's attention. The subtle beauty of grey ensures it won't overpower the room whilst accompanied by more lavish and glamorous accessories.


With neutral colours such as grey, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Light pink, yellow or blue are popular accompaniments to grey and balance out the monochromatic tones of grey with a touch of character and vibrancy.

What types of grey bedroom furniture does Mattressman feature?

Drawer chests

A chest of drawers is the go-to space for folded garments, with the chest's surface area usually utilised as a TV stand or a place for ornaments.


The main difference between a wardrobe and a chest of drawers is that a wardrobe is designed for clothes that require hanging up. However, we feature a range of multi-functional wardrobes that feature drawers for extra storage. In addition, our user-friendly website allows you to narrow your search by the number of shelves, drawers or doors to find the perfect sized wardrobe for your bedroom.

Bedside chests

Bedside chests are essentially enhanced bedside tables and feature drawers in addition to on-display storage in the form of the chest's tabletop.

Blanket boxes

For all of the blissful comfort that blankets, throws and other bedding accessories bring us, they can often occupy a lot of space. This is particularly an issue in homes with limited space; however, a blanket box can provide a compact and convenient focal point to store bedding.

Dressing tables

From preparing makeup in the mornings or evenings to your daily skincare routine, a dressing table is an integral addition to many bedrooms. Our dressing tables feature spacious surface areas, a range of storage options and ample-sized mirrors to ensure your preparation time is a joy and never a chore.


Our quaint and comfortable stools are the ideal addition to a dressing table and embody a compact structure, occupying minimal space.

Bedroom sets

Our collection of grey bedroom furniture sets provides everything you need to kit out your bedroom with stylish and practical furniture. These sets comprise a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a bedside chest.


Whether your home features a study area or home office, the likelihood is that your living space will require a desk. Our beautiful and practical desks vary from traditional to contemporary designs ensuring we feature something for every household.

Underbed drawers

Where storage space is at a premium, utilise the space underneath your bed with one of our innovative under-bed drawers.


A mirror is an important accessory to any living space and could add the finishing touch to your bedroom.

What brands form our collection?

Furniture Express is a brand that works exclusively with Mattressman whilst we also feature furniture from Julian Bowen and Birlea, among other trusted brands.

Why shop with Mattressman?

With a commitment to quality and affordability, you can count on Mattressman.

Free delivery

Our free next-working-day delivery service for in-stock items ensures you can receive your grey bedroom furniture in next to no time. Moreover, we also provide credit options; further information can be found on our website.

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