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What is a guest bed?

In theory, any bed that occupies a spare bedroom could be described as a guest bed. However, the most common guest beds are folding beds, stowaway beds, airbeds and sofa beds. Guest beds tend to be cheaper than the bed in the main rooms of your house, as they're not occupied as frequently, and therefore, less of an emphasis is placed on the bed frame compared to the home's primary beds. Nevertheless, Mattressman's vast array of guest beds is affordable without compromising the quality and durability of the bed. A good night's sleep is promised with any of our guest beds. Please note we also feature a variety of sofa beds that blur the lines between seating options and bed frames and are therefore popular among spare rooms; our sofa beds are listed under our bed section. 

Part of our collection features guest beds for small spaces, comprising small single and single options. These beds, often dubbed as occupational beds, are ideal if you only anticipate one guest at a time occupying your spare room. Similarly, as discussed below, a foldaway guest bed could also be an ideal solution.

What types of guest beds does Mattressman stock?

Folding guest bed

As the name suggests, folding guest beds, or foldaway guest beds, can readily fold into a smaller, compact shape when not used. A foldable bed is, therefore, the perfect guest bed due to its easy assemblement and the ability to seamslessly move out of rooms if and when necessary. If you'd prefer for your spare bed not to always be on display, these collapsible guest bed frames are incredibly convenient and often renowned for being the perfect guest bed mattress. Our range mostly comprises small single and single folding bed frames, however we also feature small double and special size options. Further information regarding sizes can be found below.

What foldaway-sized guest beds feature in the Mattressman range?

Our folding beds are available in various sizes, from a small single to a small double. A small single foldaway guest bed measures 2'6" wide (75cm) by 6'3" long (190cm), whereas a foldaway single guest bed is 3'0" wide (90cm) by 6'3" long (190cm), and a small double foldaway guest bed measures 4'0" wide (120cm) by 6'3" long (190cm).

Stowaway guest bed

A stowaway guest bed, commonly referred to as a trundle bed, represents the ideal guest bedroom furniture for anyone whose dedicated guest room is likely to accommodate more than one guest. Stowaway guest beds are designed to slide seamlessly under a regular bed. The obvious benefit to this variation of guest beds is that when the room is vacant, the room appears minimalist despite featuring two guest beds. For these reasons, a pull-out bed is perfect if you prioritise convenience and a temporary bed for guests.

What sizes are stowaway guest beds available in?

A small single stowaway guest bed measures 2'6" wide (75cm) by 6'3" long (190cm), whereas stowaway single guest beds are 3'0" wide (90cm) by 6'3" long (190cm)


Contrary to other beds, air beds for guest rooms bear a closer resemblance to a mattress than a traditional bed frame yet are still recognised as guest beds. Suppose you're looking for a guest bed that is lightweight and easily transferable; an airbed represents the perfect new guest bed for your spare bedroom or is a fantastic sleep option for upcoming camping trips. In addition, air beds can be adjusted to the guest's preferred firmness level to adequately support their spine. With minimal maintenance and a comfortable sleeping surface, your friends and family are guaranteed a great night's sleep with our range of airbeds here at Mattressman.

What sizes are airbeds available in?

Our airbeds are available in a small single size, which measures 2'6" wide (75cm) by 6'3" long (190cm).

I'm looking for a single guest bed for my spare room, can Mattressman help with this?

Single guest beds are perhaps the most common variation of guest beds; spare rooms are usually the smallest room in the house and therefore are ideally suited for a single bed that, unlike a double or king size bed, isn't likely to occupy a lot of room. Any one of our single beds is ideal for a spare room; however, a sofa bed or guest bed with trundle functionality is perhaps best suited for a smaller spare room. Trundle beds are incredibly convenient for smaller rooms as they can easily change from a single bed into two single beds. Similarly, a day bed or sofa bed is also a wise investment as it blurs the lines between a seating area and somewhere to sleep, and day beds are therefore practical for social space and a sleeping area.

What brands of guest beds are available at Mattressman?

With a clear commitment to providing you with the perfect guest bed, Mattressman only stocks the most trusted and renowned brands of guest beds. With an extensive range including GFW, Julian Bowen, Birlea and many more, your friends and family are guaranteed a fantastic night's sleep courtesy of Mattressman. 

Rely on Mattressman

Our wonderful range of guest beds and folding beds are both quality and affordable, ensuring your shopping experience is as seamless as possible. In addition, or entire range of spare beds qualify for free-next-working-day delivery. So, whether it's a single, double guest bed or anything else you're looking to feature in your spare room, Mattressman has you covered.

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