What colour scheme suits a cream bed frame?

The versatility of cream is similar to white or light grey in that they fit into many different aesthetics.

Cream & White

Perhaps the most obvious colour to accompany a cream bed, white is a popular choice. A white interior emanates a clean and bright impression in the bedroom. In order to avoid a room that is dull in appearance and lacking style, incorporate other colours into this setup.

Cream & Light Grey

Light grey is an excellent choice to accompany a cream bed if you're looking to implement a neutral and understated colour scheme. Whilst cream is a warm colour, grey is considered cool and calm, and thus cream and light grey complement one another.

Cream & Navy Blue

Navy blue contrasts cream wonderfully, such are the deep, dark tones of the colour. A cream backdrop offsets the richness and vibrancy of navy blue and energises the room.

Cream & Pink

Cream is a fantastic solution to toning down the boldness and vibrancy of a rich pink interior.

Why should I choose a cream bed?

A bedroom with a cream bed frame provides the platform for a soothing, restful retreat. The colour cream is synonymous with feelings of tranquillity and purity. Make a statement and rejuvenate your room with character and warmth by making a cream bed frame your bedroom's focal point. With a neutral colour tone, cream beds are renowned for their versatility and can seamlessly fit into any bedroom.

What variety of cream beds are available?

Here at Mattressman, we have a wide array of metal cream beds in various sizes to add a glamorous touch to your living space. Our beautiful cream beds are quaint and charming and, with a gorgeous finish, are stylish and classy pieces of bedroom furniture. With cream beds being popular for children and adults, Mattressman stock single, double, small double, double and king size beds. So whether it's a spacious cream king size bed you require, a single bed for a child's room or anything else, we're sure to feature your perfect bed.

Low footend bed frame

A low footend bed doesn't overshadow the entire room. With its understated design, a low footend bed frame is ideal for creating a minimalist space.

High footend bed frame

A high footend cream bed frame combines the elegance of a traditional bed with a sleek, modern, cream finish.

Why should I purchase with Mattressman?

At Mattressman, we make every decision with our customer's best interests in mind. We are committed to providing our customers with durable and stylish beds at an affordable cost. With a vast choice of cream beds ranging from single to king size beds, you'll find your dream bed at an affordable price.


Mattressman's free next working day delivery on all bed frames (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area) outlines Mattressman's affordable and convenient delivery process. View our delivery information page for further details.

For all the excitement and anticipation surrounding a new bed, dealing with your old bed is often tricky. Mattressman can dispose of your old bed frame to make way for your new bed. Please note we can only dispose of like-for-like items. The service costs £30.00 per item and is only available with our bedroom delivery service. For further information regarding our delivery surface, please ring our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.