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What types of single kids' mattresses are available?

Our children's mattresses are available with either innovative reimaginings of the traditional open coil base or pocket springs. Read below to gain an insight into how these types of bases functions and their benefits.

Open coil

An open coil spring tension is a tried and tested support system that has been used in mattresses for many years, the cheap manufacturing costs of an open coil mattress are reflected in its price, and therefore an open coil mattress is renowned for its affordability. Open coil mattresses consist of a base of coils of high-tensile steel wound into hundreds of springs and connected by a wire rod edge. Silentnight and JAY_BE's exclusive open coil-inspired bases, Miracoil and deep e-spring core, evenly distribute body weight for a supportive and comfortable night's rest.

Pocket Springs

A pocket sprung base consists of springs individually enclosed in single pockets for tailored body support adapting to the body's gentlest movement, allowing a child to sink deep into the mattress for incredible comfort. Whichever mattress type you opt for, you can rely on our wonderful collection to find the right kids' mattress for your little one and ensure they sleep comfortably every night.

What are the benefits of a children's mattress from Mattressman?

Each kids' mattress features differing benefits; read below to gain an insight into the features that some of our mattresses possess to ensure ultimate comfort and the best night's sleep possible.


Our entire range of children's mattresses consists of hypoallergenic materials resistant to dust mites and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

100% foam free

Memory foam mattresses are incredibly popular for teenagers and adults due to their body moulding capabilities; however, memory foam can pose a risk to young children. With this in mind, our range of kid's mattresses is 100% foam-free. These mattresses undergo chemical processes to achieve their body moulding status; many substances used to make memory foam are derived from petroleum. As a result, some shoppers express concern that their memory foam mattresses may be toxic. With many memory foam mattresses deemed unsuitable for children and the concern of toxic compounds, our 100% foam-free kids' mattresses provide peace of mind for all parents and are perfectly suited to younger children.

Memory foam alternative

If you're looking for a memory foam alternative, consider a mattress with memory e-fibre that provides reactive support but is void of any foam.

Vacuum packed

The reality is mattresses can be awkward to manoeuvre, and whilst a children's mattress is relatively small, it can still be a nuisance having to manoeuvre the mattress through hallways or flights of stairs; a rolled child's mattress within the Mattressman collection combats this. A rolled mattress removes any hassle and stress of setting up the mattress; delivered vacuum sealed at a fraction of its full size, unroll the mattress, and within 24 hours, your new child's mattress will be ready for use.


Conveniently, a number of our kids' mattresses feature handles for ease of rotation; this encourages parents to rotate the mattress regularly and consequently improve its longevity.

Suitable for bunk beds

Mattress thickness can often pose quite a dilemma when purchasing a mattress for your children's bunk bed. However, as bunk bed mattresses typically don't exceed 20cm mattress depth, the majority of our kids' mattresses are ideal for bunk beds. 

Temperature regulating properties

Some of our mattresses feature breathable comfort layers to help regulate moisture whilst your little one is sleeping to ensure a cool, dry sleeping surface and keep your child at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

What support tensions are available in kids' single mattresses?

Our kids' mattresses are available in medium and medium firm tensions to support various sleeping positions throughout the night. Medium and medium firm mattresses are soft enough to cushion the hip and shoulder whilst being firm enough to support the spine whilst back sleeping. A firmer mattress featuring a firm or extra firm tension could cause minor aches and pains for a child, which often means a child's single mattress is different to a teenager's or adult's mattress.

Shopping with Mattressman

Our entire children's mattress collection qualifies for free next-working-day delivery (08.00 am - 06.00 pm) provided the mattress is in stock and ordered before 4 pm. 

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