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What is a high sleeper bed?

Kids' high sleeper beds are raised beds with integrated storage space underneath. High sleeper beds are similar in structure to bunk beds; however, with a high sleeper bed, in place of the bottom bunk, there are storage facilities such as drawers and shelves; high sleepers are often referred to as 'bunk beds for one.' High sleepers resemble mid sleepers, with the main difference being that a high sleeper is taller than a mid sleeper.

Is a high sleeper bed the same as a loft bed?

Yes, a high sleeper bed is often termed a 'loft bed' and vice-versa; they are both high sleeper beds, with the only differentiation between loft beds and high sleeper beds being their titles.

What's better- cabin beds or high sleeper beds?

If you're searching for a new bed for your child, consider the suitability of the bed. In truth, neither bed is better than the other; however, some beds are more suitable for children than others.

Cabin beds are considered appropriate for young children transitioning from a cot bed into a kids' bed, whereas, due to their elevated height, children's high sleeper beds are suitable for children aged six and over. In addition to the safety aspects of your next bed, consider the benefits; a raised bed can accommodate greater storage options than a cabin bed which could represent the deciding factor for your next bed.

What types of integrated storage options do high sleeper beds feature?


Perfect for all bookworms, an integrated bookcase promotes a love for reading and features enough room for your child to showcase their favourite reads proudly. If your child has caught the reading bug, then an integrated bookcase high sleeper represents the perfect bed.


Similar to a bookcase, a high sleeper with shelving allows your child to show off their favourite ornaments, adding a personalised touch to their high sleeper.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers frees up floor space and allows for a minimalist setup. Therefore, instead of a messy and cluttered bedroom, a children's high sleeper creates more space within the bedroom and ensures that your child's favourite toys aren't always on display.

Gaming setups

Arguably the most innovative kids' bed, children's high sleeper beds incorporating gaming setups represent today's technologically driven world. As opposed to a plethora of wires, video game cases and consoles widespread across the room, a gaming bed encompasses all of the room's technology within the bed frame. With large wall space for a TV, a desk for a monitor and shelving for storing games, gaming high sleepers perfectly accommodate your child's technology.

Why should I choose a high sleeper bed instead of a standard child's bed?

The most important criterion when looking at kids' beds is their safety and suitability; arguably, this is all required for a new bed. However, a high sleeper bed represents so much more than merely a bed; they free up space within the bedroom, and with their initiative and fun designs, they can transform a room and provide endless enjoyment. A kid's high sleeper is the perfect bed for both younger children and teenagers, and with their stylish designs, they can seamlessly fit into a range of bedroom aesthetics, irrespective of your child's age.

What brands of kid's high sleeper beds does Mattressman feature?

As is the case with our low sleeper and mid sleeper beds, our range of high sleeper loft beds includes Julian Bowen and Flintshire Furniture; therefore, when you purchase a high sleeper bed from Mattressman, you can be assured of its quality and durability.

Does Mattressman offer free delivery?

Yes, you can receive your new high sleeper bed efficiently and affordably with free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) to the UK Mainland (dependent on the delivery area).

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