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How To Protect Your Bed Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, creatures that everyone dreads yet believe will never actually infest their home, until they do. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get bed bugs in your home but there are many ways to protect yourself from them.

Firstly, what are the signs of bed bugs?

You’ll probably first realise that you have bed bugs when you wake up with bites. You may also be able to spot blood marks from where you’ve squished a bed bug whilst sleeping or their droppings which appear as small brown spots on your bed.

Can bed bugs get through a mattress cover?

Mattress protectors will not help you prevent a bed bug infestation. However, bed bug mattress encasements can help the problem if you’ve already got them or are looking to prevent an infestation. Mattress encasements are specially designed so bed bugs can’t escape.

They’re large covers that completely enclose a mattress, which traps existing bed bugs inside and prevents new ones from entering. Mattress encasements aren’t airtight and bed bugs can survive without oxygen for 5 days, however they cannot bite you once trapped inside and will eventually starve to death.

Mattress encasements can protect your mattress, however it doesn’t stop them from living in your bed frame or divan, so you would need to take further measures to get rid of them.

Can bed bugs live in a latex mattress?

There isn’t a mattress that can completely avoid a bed bug infestation, because these creatures want to remain as near as possible to where they can feed. However, memory foam and latex are very high-density mattresses and do well at keeping these bugs out of the centre of your mattress.

How do you get rid of bed bugs?

It’s not an easy process. A good first step would be to contact a pest control service or even your local council, as it will be very difficult to get rid of them on your own. They can help fumigate affected rooms and furnishings.

Put affected mattresses in mattress encasements to trap bed bugs so they eventually die. Any clothing or bedding that’s affected also need to be put in a hot wash of 60C to kill them, or alternatively in the freezer for 4 days.

You would be wrong to think that bed bugs only live in dirty places. They can be found in clean areas too, and that’s why you should clean and hoover regularly.

And there you have our tips on how to protect yourself from bed bugs and prevent them. As long as you are wary and keep a relatively clean home, you’ll be able to spot them quickly if it ever arises.

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