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How big is a double bed frame?

Double bed dimensions

Each double bed frame's dimensions vary depending on whether they incorporate a headboard and footend. However, all standard double beds are designed to accommodate a double mattress that is 4'6" by 6'3" or 135cm x 190cm. Please see our small double and king size bed pages for smaller or larger alternatives. A double bed offers a spacious sleeping solution whilst not overpowering the majority of rooms and is, therefore, likely to be the perfect addition to your bedroom. As obvious as it may sound, a double bed mattress is the only compatible option for a double bed frame.

Small double bed size

In contrast to a double size bed, our small double bed frames measure 4'0" by 6'3" or 120cm x 190cm.

Should I consider a small double bed frame instead?

It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of buying a bed without considering whether it'll be a suitable fit for your bedroom. Therefore, it'd be worthwhile measuring your room's available floor space to gauge whether a small double or double bed is a better fit. For context, our small double bed frames are designed to accommodate a small double mattress measuring 4'0" by 6'3" or 120cm x 190cm.

If your heart is set on our collection of double, king or super king size beds, yet you're conscious of your room's size, a bed with integrated storage is a fantastic compromise. Consider a double ottoman bed from our extensive collection. These beds feature a spacious storage area within the frame that's ideally suited to bedding and can help to free floor space. In fact, a double bed with storage functionality could even be the difference between purchasing a storage unit or not. Conversely, for large bedrooms, a king or super king bed frame could be a more suitable option.

What types of double beds do we stock?

We're confident you'll find the perfect double bed here at Mattressman. Our most popular double beds include pieces that offer underbed storage, luxury, modern or traditional looks but, above all, give you a place to sleep comfortably. Whether it's a standard double bed frame you're looking for or a more practical and innovative option, we're sure to feature your dream bed.

Ottoman beds

One of the most practical bed frames we stock, our range of double ottoman beds provides ample storage for your bedroom. Revealing storage space when the mattress is lifted from either the footend or side of the bed frame, you can store whatever you see fit underneath. This is an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms, eliminates unnecessary bedroom furniture, and expands floor space. With our range of ottoman double beds, you will find upholstered, wooden and faux leather aesthetics, so you can be sure to find the double ottoman bed that suits your room.

Upholstered beds

The other appeal of an upholstered bed frame is that the bed provides an incredibly comfortable seating option allowing you to sit comfortably in bed. Find your dream double bed in our collection today to bring super style and comfort to your bedroom. In particular, our black double bed frame collection showcases striking and bold aesthetics, ideal if you're looking for a statement piece of furniture.

Metal bed frames

For a modern or traditional bed frame, metal beds can do both. Featuring classic finials or contemporary angular structures, metal beds are versatile and look fantastic in any room. Shop our range of metal double beds to find the piece that matches your aesthetic. With the perfect balance of practicality and style, our metal double bed frame collection is sure to feature the perfect furniture for your bedroom.

Wooden beds

Constructed from either natural oak, pine, rubberwood or reinforced particle board, we have a wooden double bed frame to meet every style and budget. Many of our wooden double beds feature the natural colour of the wood, whereas others are painted in clean, monochromatic colours. Depending on whether you're shopping for a traditional and timeless wooden double bed or you'd like to mix and match a contemporary and traditional aesthetic courtesy of a painted finish, our collection is sure to feature something for you. It's worth pointing out the versatility that a white double bed frame offers for example, seamlessly integrating into an array of aesthetics.

Faux leather bed frames

For a minimalist double bed, look no further than our collection of faux leather options. Many of our faux leather double beds featuring black, white or grey colour schemes bring their designs to life with luxurious detailing across the headboards and footends.

Consider a double divan bed

Versatile and practical, our range of double divan beds is fantastic for anyone looking for functional storage in their bedroom. Using our divan builder, you can construct and customise your divan bed to suit your style, aesthetic and practical needs. Choose from 2 to 4 drawers or an ottoman function to maximise the storage space in your bedroom. This means that divan double beds are great for smaller rooms and provide a little extra space in your other cupboards or bedroom furnishings. With our double divan options, you have the option of either a double bed and mattress or a double bed base as a standalone product, ensuring we're able to cater to your specific needs. For the perfect bedroom furniture package, our double bed mattress and frame collection is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

Other types of double bed frames

How can there be any more types of double beds? At Mattressman, we go above and beyond to supply the right bed for everyone. We also stock electric or adjustable double beds, which are fantastic for anyone affected by back or joint pain. Adjusting the incline of your sleep is beneficial for aiding aches and pains, which works for solo sleepers or couples who share a bed. We also stock TV beds that allow the TV to appear from or return to the footend with just a click of a button. Browse our other types of double bed frames to find the piece that works best for you.

What colours can I choose from?

Our extensive range features various options to choose from, so whether it's a white double bed frame your heart is set on or a silver, blue or green finish, among other colours, you can rely on our wonderful collection. 

What brands of double beds do we stock?

Here at Mattressman, we are proud to stock a wide selection of brands with many options available. Including different styles that match your existing furniture, most bedrooms' interior style, and, most importantly, providing space for your mattress so you can get a good night's sleep. We work with Birlea, LPD FurnitureGFWSilentnightLimelightJulian BowenHeartlands Furniture and Dorel, among others , to bring a quality double bed frame to your bedroom.

Shopping with Mattressman

For all of your mattress, bed frame and furniture needs, you can rely on Mattressman for an affordable shopping experience. 

Double bed frame sale

Keep an eye out for our latest offers and find the bed frame of your dreams at an unbeatable price.

Free delivery

Our entire collection of in-stock bed frames are eligible for free-next working day delivery.

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