We’ve all been there: you go to lunch, eat a meal, and then by 3pm the afternoon sleepies have kicked in. It can be really demotivating if you feel sleepy at work, particularly when you have jobs mounting up and to-do lists to complete.

However, with busy schedules and daily stresses only increasing in our lives, it’s not uncommon for many of us to feel tired at work at some point of the day – but what exactly can we do to combat the feeling of tiredness at work? Well, we’ve listed some of our go-to tips right here that you may find useful when you’re feeling like you could do with a post-lunch snooze…

Tired At Work? Here Are A Few Tricks To Stay Wide Awake

Embrace breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet it’s always the first meal we tend to skip if we’re short on time or rushing.

However, a hearty breakfast is imperative to ensuring we have enough energy to get through the day. Starting your day with a meal such as scrambled eggs or peanut butter on toast will ensure you feel fuller for longer and will keep your blood sugar levels up.

Stay hydrated

Bringing your own reusable bottle of water to work will remind you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. We are advised to drink between six and eight glasses of water a day in order to keep us feeling and functioning at our best. What’s more, drinking plenty of water will help to keep us alert and prevent headaches – and we needn’t remind you that headaches are sure productivity killers.

Move and stretch

It’s a good idea to take a break from your workspace every now and then in order to give your mind and body a break, as getting yourself up and moving about will help you to feel more alert and will wake up your body. Another great option would be to go for a brisk walk on your lunch break, as getting some fresh air and being outside has been proven to have a positive effect on our state of mind and will give us an extra boost to get through the afternoon.

Tired At Work? Here Are A Few Tricks To Stay Wide Awake

Prioritise your workload

We tend to be much more alert and at our most productive first thing in the morning, so take advantage of this by completing all of your most pressing work before lunchtime; to-do lists are a great way to stay on track as you head into the afternoon.

Sometimes, if we have work mounting across the day, it can make us feel much more lethargic and stressed than necessary. This is why it’s important to tackle your work whilst you’re feeling at your best.

Keep an eye on the caffeine

Coffee is definitely most people’s go-to remedy for a quick pick-me-up in the mornings, which in itself isn’t that harmful, however, we must be careful that we aren’t consuming too much.

Drinking it excessively has a real knack for messing with our sleep patterns, which can lead us to feel even more tired the next day. The key is to avoid caffeinated drinks after around 3 or 4pm in order for your sleep to go unaffected.

We hope you’re not dropping off at your desk whilst reading this, but if you are feeling a little sleepy then why not try a few of our tips above? Let us know how you get on.