You’ve probably had to replace a few pillowcases in your time, or maybe you looked at your bed linen this morning and realised they’re due an upgrade. If you’re about to replace your pillowcases, what do you plan on doing with your old ones?

Will you keep them for spares? Are they still sitting in your cupboards? Or are you planning on throwing them away?

Here are our tips for easy ways to reuse and recycle your old cases:

Protect your clothes

Old pillowcases that have been freshly laundered can be used as a great protector for your clothes. To do this, simply cut a hole in the end seam of the pillowcase and place them over the hanging clothes. This is an ideal way to keep your clothes dust-free and protected in your wardrobe. Creating these pillowcase protectors will not only reuse your worn out cases and free up space, but also phase out the use of plastic protector bags!

Zero Waste Week: How To Reuse Your Old Pillowcases

Machine wash delicates

Using your old pillowcases to wash delicate items in your machine is ideal for keeping them looking their best. To achieve this, place the items in the pillowcase, loosely knot the open end before placing them in your washing machine, and then set the cycle to delicate as normal.

Create a travel laundry bag

Worn pillowcases are perfect for creating a simple, zero waste laundry bag when travelling. Dirty laundry can be stored efficiently in the pillowcase and packed away, keeping them separate from your clean clothes. Once you’re back home, both the pillowcase and dirty laundry can be washed together with ease. You’ll also avoid carrying your laundry around in plastic bags.

Zero Waste Week: How To Reuse Your Old Pillowcases

Make simple home decor

If you’re feeling creative, you can design your own mini canvas prints – perfect for gifts or for decorating your home. Simply cut your pillowcase at the seams so you’re left with a large piece of fabric, and then design your masterpiece using fabric paints or pens. Once they’re dry, place the print in a frame. If you’re wanting to go one step further, you can pick up a pre-loved frame from your local charity shop instead of buying brand new.

Zero Waste Week: How To Reuse Your Old Pillowcases


Above all else, you can donate your old pillowcases and bed linen to plenty of fantastic causes. You will find there are plenty of organisations in your local area that is more than happy to take away your preloved goods for reuse or recycling. Donating unwanted items is a great way to free up space in your home as well.

Reusing and recycling your unwanted linens can be very rewarding and benefit the environment. We hope we have inspired you to reconsider throwing away your old pillowcases. What’s more, these tips can be applied to your old duvet covers too.

If your current cases are looking a little worse for wear and you’ve already decided on how you’re going to recycle them but you haven’t found a worthy replacement, then you can browse our range here.