Sleeping With A Partner: The Pros And Cons

This Valentine’s, we’re bringing you some of the pros and cons of sleeping with your partner. See if any of these apply to you and your partner…

The cuddle chemical

When you snuggle down with your partner in bed, our brains release hormones. Oxytocin helps us relax, feel calm, protected, and reduce anxiety. All of this helps us fall asleep quicker too, which in turn means we’ll be able to get more sleep in!

Being in close proximity

Studies have shown that couples who are temporarily separated from sleeping with their partner have worse quality of sleep throughout that period. When returned, the sleep problems went away.

Sleeping With A Partner: The Pros And Cons

Temperature too high

Whilst many of us love to have a spoon when sleeping, there are a lot of people that get too hot at night. Not only does this mean you feel too uncomfortable to cuddle, but it can also lower your sleep quality. Hot sleeping can be affected by the type of mattress you have too, memory foam being the usual culprit to retaining you and your partner’s body temperature.

Snoring keeping you up?

One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping with a partner is when they snore. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who doesn’t, then you’ll be having the best night’s sleep. For those who do, earplugs may be the essential item you keep on your bedside table!

Sleeping With A Partner: The Pros And Cons

If you think that you can relate to more of the drawbacks of sleeping with your partner, maybe a new mattress can help with the issue (or a better pair of earplugs)! Whether you go larger or a sleeping solution comprised of different materials, we all need a mattress that is right for us.

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