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Firmer Tension Mattresses

You would be wrong to think that a firmer mattress is one that is less comfortable. Firmer mattresses are simply designed to support people who suffer from back pain or are of a larger stature. Having a firmer tension would ensure that the spine is stable and in a secure position, preventing you from sinking into the mattress. To someone who is vulnerable to lower back pain, a mattress that’s too soft could make this worse.

Some of our finest mattresses are of a firmer tension and because they’re designed for people who need more support, so quality really is at the forefront of these mattresses. Silentnight, Dunlopillo, Relyon, Sealy and the rest of the manufacturers we stock are no exception.

Whether it’s open coil, pocket sprung, latex, foam or an amalgamation of two, it has been tweaked to ensure that you receive total body support, comfort and a quality night’s sleep. You can find our firm mattresses here…