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What size is a single bed?

Single bed size

Single bed frames generally fit a 3'0" wide and 6'3" long mattress, equating to 90cm by 190cm. However, depending on the functionality, materials used, and overall structure, such as headboards and foot ends, single bed frame dimensions sometimes differ. Each product will list all the essentials, such as specific dimensions. You can edit the filters above to explore other bed frames for more bed sizes. It's important that your pair a single bed mattress with your new bed frame to ensure a suitable fit.

What types of single beds are available?

At Mattressman, we are proud to stock various single bed frames. From wooden frames, metal bed frames, faux leather, fabric or upholstered single beds, kids' single beds, and day beds to ottomans that offer great storage. Read on to discover more about our versatile single bed frames.

Wooden bed frames

Great for a natural style of bedroom, wooden frames go beyond the traditional or classic aesthetic. A wooden single bed frame from Mattressman comprises natural pine wood, oak, rubberwood and wooden veneers. Our wood bed frames vary in colour, too, with our single wooden bed frame collection featuring coated or painted wood options, embodying soft tones such as colour group grey, white, black or more vibrant colours. We often find that our white single bed frame collection is popular among those looking for a kid's bed; these beds represent timeless style and can fit in with almost any aesthetic. Shop our range today to find the wooden bed you have been searching for. Either in the form of a timeless classic or a chic and innovative frame, we're sure to feature a wooden single bed that appeals to your taste.

Metal beds

Featuring modern and classic styles of single bed frames, we are sure you can search for a metal bed to suit your style. Most of the metal beds we stock feature space underneath the bed frame, which is ideal for under-bed drawers as extra storage. From polished nickel to coated metal, there's a bed frame for everyone in our range. Specifically, if you're looking for the perfect mixture of versatility, style and practicality, our single metal bed frame range is certainly the way to go.

Faux leather bed frames

Known for their modern style and easy-to-clean maintenance, Mattressman's faux leather beds are great for adults' and children's rooms. Often incorporating monochromatic colour schemes with sleek or minimalist headboards, explore our range of leather single beds and find the dream bed to suit your style.

Upholstered beds

Sleek and simple or extravagant and opulent, we stock a collection of fabric single beds fit for so many bedrooms. So rest easy knowing one of our upholstered beds will bring sumptuous style to suit your aesthetic, featuring an array of stunning looks that will provide nothing less than a chic vibe to your room. Search our range today to shop for a new bed you'll be excited to use night after night.

Storage bed frames

An ottoman or storage bed frame is an ideal way to bring ample space to a small bedroom, including children's rooms. A single ottoman bed is able to alleviate the need for any bulky chests of drawers and shelving, allowing you to save space and reveal more storage options under your bed by raising your mattress with the end lift or side lift functions. Similarly, a single bed with drawers allows for convenient storage capabilities and could also re-imagine the room's layout. Single beds with storage functionality are easy ways to make a smaller or narrow bedroom feel much bigger, helping to declutter your bedroom and make room for space-saving bedroom furniture. If you're restricted by available space and looking to get the most out your new bed, a single bed with storage functionality makes perfect sense.

Electric bed frames

Fantastic for anyone who is affected by back or joint pain or for those who prefer to sleep on an incline, Mattressman's range of electric bed frames will help you sleep with greater comfort and support all night long. Our innovative electric single beds are designed to relieve pressure on strained areas of your body, enhance comfort and provide the functionality you need for unparalleled support.

Opt for a single divan bed

If it's a single bed with a mattress you're looking for, consider one of our divan options. A divan allows you to create your preferred bed frame in regard to style and storage functionality. What's more, the choice is yours between opting for a base-only option or a bed and mattress pairing.

What brands feature single bed frames?

At Mattressman, we are proud to stock single bed frames from a wide variety of trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Featuring luxury and budget options, brands such as Birlea, Limelight, GFW, Julian Bowen, Heartlands Furniture, Westpoint Mills, Sweet Dreams, and so many more can provide the bed frame you're looking for. So browse away and shop for the fantastic single beds we stock.

How to choose the right single bed for you

Are you struggling with where to start in your shop for a single bed frame? Mattressman is here to help! We suggest asking yourself these questions to find the right option for you:

Where is the single bed frame going to go?

Whether it's for the room for the adults, guests or children, answering this question can help you decipher what style and function will work best. For kid's bedrooms, you may want to search for an option with more storage and built-in functions, of which there a plenty of specially-designed pieces for children under our kid's beds section. For rooms with limited space, our small single bed frame collection may be a space-saving alternative to a single bed.

What bed will suit my current bedroom furniture?

If you're going to keep your current furnishings, you should consider what will work best with your bedside table, wardrobe or dressing table. For natural wood furnishings, a wooden bed frame would be best paired with this. Painted furnishings? Maybe you can search for a fabric, leather or metal bed that matches the colour scheme.

How urgently do I need the bed frame?

How soon do you need the single bed? If you're in urgent need, shop our in-stock frames with availability to take advantage of our free and speedy delivery. Not in a rush? No need to worry about the availability of our range; pick out your dream piece and wait until we have it back in stock.

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