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Small double bed mattress size

If you're looking for a sleeping solution between a single and double mattress, look no further than Mattressman's range of small double beds. The dimensions of a small double mattress, also commonly referred to as a queen size mattress, are 4'0" wide and 6'3" long, or 120 x 190cm. 4 foot mattresses are fantastic for children's bedrooms, guest beds, or smaller bedrooms that need to save space. As obvious as it may sound, a small double mattress is compatible with a small double bed frame.

Is a small double mattress and bed suitable for me?

If you're torn between a small double and a double bed, consider whether your prioritise greater floor space over a smaller sleeping space or vice-versa. Other important to consider are the size of your bedroom and whether you share a bed or not. 

What is the right mattress firmness for me?

Finding the correct mattress support tension is crucial for getting a good night's sleep and depends on your preferred sleeping position. Read on to find the perfect mattress firmness for the way you sleep.

Side sleeper

Sleeping on your side requires a small double mattress surface to cushion pressure points like the shoulders and hips. A soft or medium mattress support tension is ideal for side sleepers due to this reason, helping to promote healthy spinal alignment and support body movements throughout the night.

Back and front sleepers

On the other end of the spectrum, preferred front or back sleepers will be best supported on a firmer or extra firm mattress. Such support tension means the small double bed evenly distributes body weight. For those affected by back or joint pains, a different firm mattress firmness provides the increased support you'll need to help keep pain at bay.

I sleep in all positions

Suppose you can't keep still at night and like to sleep in all positions. In that case, medium firm support is neither too firm nor soft to adequately support your spine and body weight in all sleeping positions. Therefore, a medium firm mattress is the most appropriate tension to opt for.

I'm looking for a small double for guest rooms

As you cannot account for all guests' preferred sleeping positions when they stay over, a medium firm small double mattress will suffice. Medium firm support will be able to provide support for any body shape and distribute weight evenly all night long. All in all, this will ensure your guests wake up feeling refreshed.

What types of small double mattresses are available?

Finding the perfect small double mattress for you also depends on the mattress type. Here's what we have to say about our 4 foot mattress collection.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Comprised of individual pocket springs, our range of pocket sprung mattresses are some of the most popular of all our small double beds. As each pocket spring moves independently, the mattress surface moves to the contours of your body shape and provides a great night's sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses are recognised for their seamless ability to distribute pressure throughout the mattress evenly, therefore reducing the risk of the mattress dipping.

The affordability and luxurious comfort supplied by a pocket spring mattress are why it has become an increasingly popular option from traditional spring small double mattresses. Additionally, a pocket sprung mattress can be combined with various filling types. Choose from natural fibres or hypoallergenic fillings, which have many benefits you can take advantage of. If you want to enjoy the superior support of pocket springs but want an added comfort layer, consider a hybrid small double bed mattress by reading our information below.

Additionally, a pocket sprung mattress can be combined with various filling types. Choose from natural fibres or hypoallergenic fillings, which have many benefits you can take advantage of. If you want to enjoy the superior support of pocket springs but want an added comfort layer, consider a hybrid small double bed mattress by reading our information below.

Open coil mattress

Affordable and brilliant for providing firmer tension, open coil small double mattresses are a fabulous option for those looking for a mattress on the cheaper end of the spectrum. A traditional coil spring system is made from a continuous wire that runs vertically up and down the small double mattress. Often, it's paired with natural fillings or foam layers to provide additional comfort. Whilst our open coil collection is renowned for its affordability, our cheap small double mattress collection is designed with longevity and quality in mind.

Foam mattresses

No matter the type of foam, Mattressman's range of small double memory foam mattresses is fantastic for those who love their body-moulding properties. Compared to other mattresses, a memory foam mattress provides outstanding body support all night. The structure of a memory foam mattress comprises millions of tiny holes, which seep out air and allow the surface to mould to your sleeping position. Although if you're a hot sleeper, a memory foam mattress has heat retention qualities that could exacerbate feeling too hot throughout the night.

Latex mattress

A latex mattress is the most durable of all the beds we offer. Latex is extracted from rubber trees, a natural material that can last over 10 years when cared for properly. The comfort compared to memory foam small double mattresses is similar. However, latex options are more breathable and bouncy whilst retaining body-moulding qualities. Therefore, if a small double memory foam mattress has caught your eye yet you're hesitant due to the heat retention properties associated with memory foam, consider our latex range.

Hybrid mattresses

Need help deciding between a sprung mattress or a foam mattress? Hybrid beds combine spring systems with comfort layers to enjoy exceptional comfort and support. The most common combination is a pocket spring mattress and memory foam mattress; however, an open coil spring system, reflex foam, latex and gel foam can all be used to make a hybrid mattress.

Are there any other small double mattress benefits?

Besides the extensive small double beds we offer, we are proud to supply beds that encompass many other benefits. This means you can find the perfect mattress for how you sleep and the best mattress to suit your delivery and material preferences.

Vacuum-packed delivery

You can rely on a vacuum-packed small double mattress option for easy transport and fast delivery. This is the best small double mattress benefit for smaller homes or awkward spaces. Compressed, rolled and sealed in vacuum-packed packaging, these mattresses ensure you can quickly get your new sleeping solution to your bedroom.

Hypoallergenic fillings

Polyester and synthetic fillings are fantastic for those affected by hay fever or dust mite allergies. This is because the tight pore size of the fibres makes it harder for dust mites to pass through the mattress fillings. By comparison, small double mattresses that incorporate any natural material are best suited for those who aren't affected by hay fever.

Divan builder

If it's a 4 foot small double bed frame and mattress you're looking for, our extensive divan range could be perfect. Essentially a 'design your own bed' tool, our divan builder lets you construct your dream sleeping solution. Either opt for a small double bed with a mattress or a base-only option. The divan tool allows you to choose your preferred upholstery, headboard and storage configuration. If you opt for a mattress and base set, pair a mattress with your customised base. Shopping for a small double bed with a mattress allows for a seamless shopping experience, ensuring a better night's sleep is just around the corner.

Shopping with Mattressman: making your bed purchase easy

At Mattressman, it's our mission to help you find the mattress that is right for you. With the most extensive range of beds in Britain, all our mattresses vary, so there's an option for every sleeper. If you're looking for the best small double mattresses at fantastic prices, you can rely on Mattressman.

Free delivery

For in-stock items, we offer free next-working day delivery on all of our in-stock small double mattresses. Lastly, our mattress recycling service means you don't have to worry about removing your old mattress, as we'll do it for you. 

Small double mattress sale

On top of our already fantastic prices, keep an eye out for discounts across our range.

60-night sleep trial

Ordering a mattress online isn't always as straightforward as you'd expect, and with this in mind, we're proud to offer our sleep trial. We're keen to ensure you purchase the best small double mattress for your sleeping requirements and preferences. Any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector qualifies for our 60-night sleep trial, allowing you to settle on your dream mattress. 

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