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Choosing between them can be difficult, but this is exactly why hybrid mattresses are a great option. The spring system can provide brilliant support whereas the layer on top can bring more comforting qualities to the sleeping solution.

One of the leading benefits of pocket springs is that they provide unparalleled, body moulding support, evenly distributing body weight. The open coil spring system is usually designed for firmer mattresses and is also a fantastic budget option. Accentuating either of these spring systems can be memory foam, latex or Geltex. Memory foam is known for its body-moulding qualities and heat retention properties, whereas latex is bouncier and provides a cooler sleeping environment. Lastly, Geltex is designed to regulate the temperature of your bed, helping you get a comfortable night of rest. Browse our range of hybrid mattresses today to find the combination that is right for you and the way you sleep.