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Finding the right pillow for you is essential to achieving quality sleep. Our range accommodates for different sleeping styles, offers a variety of pillow fillings and other brilliant, innovative properties.

What types of pillows do we stock?

Feather pillows

Feather or natural pillows are some of the oldest and most popular kinds of pillow. Known for their ability to provide a soft surface to rest your head for a good night's sleep, we stock a wide range of feather and natural pillows here at Mattressman. From duck feather to cotton and down pillows, these materials are breathable and super-soft. We do not stock wool pillows in our range as wool is very insulating which is not the best pillow for temperature regulation. If you suffer from allergies or hay fever, we recommend you choose an option that is hypoallergenic.

Hypoallergenic pillows

Because natural filled pillows aren't anti-allergy, we include hypoallergenic options amongst our range for hay fever and allergy sufferers. Filled with synthetic or polyester fibres, they have much tighter pore sizes by comparison to natural materials. This makes it harder for dust mites to pass through the pillows and build up over time, lowering your allergy symptoms whilst you sleep. Latex pillows are also hypoallergenic due to their cell structure, so if your budget allows for this type of pillow, this is a much more effective anti-allergy option.

Latex pillows

Comprised of natural latex that is extracted from rubber trees, this material is whipped up from the latex sap to form a foam pillow. Offering similar qualities to memory foam that is much more breathable, latex pillows are of a medium firm support level that offer anti-allergy properties. Appropriate for every sleep position, latex pillows are often more expensive due to the time it takes for a rubber tree to produce enough latex.

Other pillows

Besides our most popular pillows described above, we have included many pillows that are produced by innovative brands. From anti-snore pillows, pocket sprung pillows, copper infused pillows to lavender scented pillows, there is a wide variety that go above and beyond standard feather, latex or memory foam pillows.

How do I pick the right pillow for me?

Choosing the right pillow for you to get a good night's sleep depends on your preferred sleeping position. If you need to alleviate neck pain, you may be sleeping on the wrong pillow for you. Read below to find out the supportive pillow right for you.

Soft pillows

A medium or soft pillow is better suited to people who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. Front and back sleepers need flatter, soft pillows in order to align the neck correctly with the spine. If the pillow is too firm, it can cause the head to rest too high, causing misalignment and neck pain. Feather and down pillows are often soft/medium in support, so make for a brilliant option for these kinds of sleepers.

Firm pillows

Conversely, firm pillows are great for preferred side sleepers. When laying on your side, your neck needs to be aligned with your spine in order to avoid neck pain. Box pillows or a firm pillow offer a wide edging that fits snugly into your shoulder area and offers maximum support to your neck and spine. With this, pocket sprung pillows tend to offer fantastic firm support too.

Sleep in all positions?

If you don't have one preferred sleeping style, the best pillow for you would be one that can offer squishy but firm support. For example, latex pillows are fantastic for side and back sleepers because their structure offer firm support appropriate for side sleepers, but also have a sink-in quality that moulds to the pressure of your head and neck whilst sleeping on your back.

Why are latex pillows better than memory foam pillows?

Whilst they are anti-allergy, memory foam pillows are comprised of thousands of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied. This means they absorb heat extremely well and there is little air flow or breathability in memory foam, which doesn't offer the best properties to regulate body temperature. By comparison, latex pillows combat such issues due to their open cell structure whilst also offering support that feels very similar to memory foam. Essentially, your body temperature is better regulated when you sleep with a latex pillow and you're still able to benefit from sink-in comfort.

Which brands do we showcase?

At Mattressman, we showcase brands that produce bed pillows for every kind of sleeper. These trusted brands have designed and produced innovative options that outshine the average pillow for prices that don't break the bank. Including Silentnight, British Bed Company, Relyon, Norfolk Feather Company and Hypnos, we're sure you can find the best pillows for you amongst out range that will provide restful sleep for many years to come.