Tips For A Comfortable Night’s Sleep This Summer

For many people, the summer months are the best time of the year. With the sun shining, drinks flowing, and BBQs playing an integral part in gatherings, there is nothing quite like summer. However, a good night’s rest isn’t always easy to come by during these warmer months, and with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of tips to ensure you sleep better this summer. 

Close your curtains during the day

Allbeit a rather strange phenomenon if you’re in your bedroom during the day, but keep your curtains closed during the day whenever you’re outside. However, this may involve replacing your existing curtains; light coloured blinds and curtains made of a weightier fabric offer the best heat-blocking potential, whereas thick, dark curtains will likely trap heat in the room.

Avoid drinking alcohol too late in the night

Social gatherings and alcohol often go hand in hand; however, try and monitor your alcohol intake at night time wherever possible. Whilst it’s true that alcohol may help you drift off to sleep sooner, it could have an adverse effect on the quality of your sleep. As DrinkWise explains, alcohol can disrupt your sleep cycles and cause you to wake early in the mornings. 

Apply sun cream

This is a fairly obvious piece of advice but one that isn’t always followed. If you’re sunburnt, you’re likely to feel discomfort, which will impact your night’s rest; apply sun cream and protect yourself from the sun.

Tips For A Comfortable Night’s Sleep This Summer

Take a cool shower

If you’re feeling hot and bothered, cool off in the shower and feel refreshed just in time for bed. The drop in body temperature after a cold shower can induce relaxation and aid in falling asleep faster.

Keep your windows open at night

Open your window and let some fresh air in; this could be the difference between a great night’s rest and feeling hot and bothered. If it’s cold outside, say your bedroom looks out onto a busy road, for example, we’d recommend investing in a pair of ear plugs. 

Choose your bedding wisely

A duvet that ensures you’re warm and snug in the winter is likely to be unsuitable for summer and vice-versa. With this in mind, consider a lightweight duvet with a tog rating between 1 and 7. If you’d like further insight into duvets, check out our blog

Evaluate your mattress

Similarly, your mattress could be the reason you’re struggling to sleep in the summer. For instance, memory foam mattresses are recognised for their heat retention properties. If you believe your mattress isn’t well-suited to the warmer seasons, you may want to consider a mattress with natural fillings or a latex or gel foam sleeping solution. 

Gel foam and latex mattresses offer a similar sink-in sensation to memory foam but are far better at regulating temperature and maintaining a cool sleep environment. Mattresses with natural fillings such as wool and cotton feature fantastic moisture-wicking properties and could be ideal for the warmer seasons. 

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