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What mattresses offer the best edge support?

Below, we describe the various mattresses with the best-reinforced edges and excellent support.

Pocket sprung mattress

Some of the most effective edge support mattresses include pocket springs. Usually, a pocket sprung mattress contains hundreds to thousands of individual springs wrapped in its fabric case. Each moves independently to provide zoned support, pressure relief and good edge support. Because the edges of the mattress will consist of these individual springs, they form reinforced edges that ensure strong edge support for many years to come.

A pocket spring mattress is also incredibly durable, a high-quality bed known for its ability to move to the contours of your body shape for total support. No matter your preference for sleeping position, our range of pocket sprung mattresses all support firmnesses, so you can find the ideal bed.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses don't offer traditional edge support but are known for their impeccable pressure relief. Because memory foam mattresses are made of millions of tiny holes that seep out air when pressure is applied, the foam is consistent for the entire sleep surface. The foam edge support will coincide with your mattress's firmness, so you can receive adequate support across the bed. Because an all-foam mattress retains heat well, you may opt for a different sleeping solution to better regulate your body temperature.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a fusion of two types of sleeping solutions, typically a spring system with comfort layers such as memory foam, latex or gel foam. The most effective hybrid mattress with edge support would include a pocket sprung unit instead of an open coil one for the reasons described below. With pocket springs ensuring this is a supportive mattress, the above layer will only enhance the overall comfort, whether it's a latex, gel foam or memory foam layer. Choose a comfort layer best suited to your needs, and you'll be on the way to a new hybrid mattress that meets your personal preferences and improves your sleep health.

The mattresses you should avoid

Not all mattresses offer brilliant edge support. If you don't share a bed with a partner, then a stronger edge isn't necessary for your sleeping solution. However, if you do, we recommend avoiding the mattresses described below.

Innerspring mattress

Open coil or innerspring mattresses are known to provide poor edge support due to the spring structure of this particular mattress. The entire spring system comprises a continuous coil to form the central support core. There are few edge reinforcements to combat mattress sagging unless the manufacturer has included extra edge support to counter this issue.

Does the mattress firmness affect edge support?

No. You don't need firm support or a firm mattress to achieve good edge support. Each preferred sleeping position requires a different mattress support firmness. Therefore, every firmness tension in the mattress industry has edge support. Overall, this depends on the mattress you choose, as described above.s edge support. Overall, this depends on the type of mattress you choose as described above.

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