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Freshers: How Students Can Get The Best Sleep

Going to university is both exciting and intimidating, entering the social sphere where you know little or no people and are throwing yourself into the deep end of studying. For those prepared with their home comforts, we’re sure that there’s nothing to stop your thriving across studies, societies and social events too.

Student housing is certainly a minefield – from halls of residence to shared rentals – but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your bedroom a piece of yourself. Student bedrooms are usually pretty bland with subtle signs of previous students living there before you. On top of this, you don’t know how many people have used your bedroom and bed before, and that’s why it’s essential to bring a mattress protector when you move into your new digs.

Generally, the quality of mattresses isn’t fantastic when you attend university, so how do lecturers expect you to energetically jump out of bed in the mornings to attend your classes (or even adequately drift off after a night out)? Bringing a mattress topper may save you from feeling the scratchy springs whilst you sleep, ideal for providing a sumptuous layer of comfort on your uni bed. Many arrived vacuum-packed for extra convenience, as well as being reasonably priced too.

For those who think taking a mattress topper isn’t going far enough, we stock many affordable, vacuum-packed mattresses. This means you can manoeuvre a new sleeping solution to your uni bedroom with ease, and you can sleep well knowing you are the only person to have ever slept on that mattress. We recommend the Silentnight Memory 3 Sleep Reflex Foam Mattress.

If you don’t have spare pillows or a duvet, lugging back these items back home for Christmas, Easter and the summer may be a bit of effort. Investing in a new duvet and pillows means you can keep these in your uni housing for your entire degree.

Lastly, to liven up your new room at university, you can get some fresh new bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. A comfy, fresh bed will certainly be appreciated when moving to an entirely new place, even more so when you can easily get up feeling rejuvenated for lectures, hanging out with new friends, and most importantly, when you get in from a night out!

There you have Mattressman’s best tips on how students can get the most from their sleeping solution. Now all that’s left to say, don’t forget to wake up for your lectures!

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