Tricks of the Trade: Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable?

After sleeping in a hotel, why is it that we often wake up feeling so much more relaxed and refreshed than we ever do at home? What’s the magic touch behind a hotel getaway? Is it the bedding? What mattresses do hotels use? What secrets have they unlocked to lull us into perfect, travel-worthy sleep?

The answer is actually quite straightforward. With the right combination and setup, most of the aspects of a hotel-level sleep can be achieved in your own home.

The Room Itself

A Neutral Space

‘Neutral’ can and should be taken two ways here. The first kind of neutral is from a design perspective. You’ll rarely find any garish colours or patterns in your standard hotel room. This is so as not to distract you from getting the good night’s sleep you’re there to achieve.

The second sense of neutrality in a hotel room is in terms of your belongings and yourself. Without your personal clutter, kids’ toys, or any belongings for that matter, a hotel room is actively not like your home. Being away from such a familiar space can let your mind properly reset.


Hotel rooms have the right conditions for sleep perfected. The main things to consider in this circumstance are temperature and light. Most doctors suggest that the ideal sleeping temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius, although there may be slight variations from person to person.

A cooler room makes for a more refreshing sleep, which is why you’ll often also find that many hotel rooms are fitted with blackout curtains. This is an easy and pivotal change that you can make to your own bedroom. 

The benefits of blackout curtains are twofold – you get the ideal level of darkness to sleep in, and they also help regulate the temperature of the room by keeping heat out in summer and in during winter.

The Perfect Bed

Bedding and Pillows

Perhaps the most obvious advice we can give is to regularly wash and replace your bedding. It’s impossible to argue that there’s any feeling better than sleeping on fresh sheets, and it doesn’t take long for them to become filled with bacteria and sweat when you sleep there every night. This is one of the USPs of a hotel break: every night is clean sheets night.

Whilst clean sheets are one thing, the question on our minds is why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Well, it’s because hotels tend to offer a variety of plump pillows so that you can find the one that fits your sleep style best. 

Having the right pillow is often overlooked when it comes to a bedtime setup, as they can wildly affect your sleep. Creating the correct elevation for your neck keeps your body in alignment and can ease all-too-common back pain, whereas a bad pillow can quite literally do the opposite.

Our third and final hotel bedding hack is to use white sheets. Contrary to the popularity of patterned beddings and throw blankets, simple white bedding creates an inviting, calm atmosphere for you to fall asleep in, resulting in a longer, more restful sleep

The Mattress

Hotels swap out their mattresses on a regular basis to keep that feeling of freshness for their customers; on a night away you’re never likely to be sleeping on a mattress that’s more than two years old.

If you’re finding that your sleep at home isn’t as good as when you’re in a hotel, maybe it’s time for a new mattress. Why not get started by browsing our range of mattresses?

Find Your Hotel Hibernation with Mattressman

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