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How big is a king size bed?

A king size bed frame is designed to hold a king size mattress, which measures 5'0" (150cm) wide by 6'3" (190cm) long. Having said this, every king size bed frame can have different dimensions depending on whether the design has incorporated a headboard, footend or any other features that could alter what it measures. Within each product, you'll be able to view what size it is under the specifications tab.

What are the different types of king size bed?

King size divan beds

Customize your king size bed to cater to your practical needs and style aesthetic with a divan bed. Choose from storage options such as no built-in drawers, 2 or 4 large pull out drawers, 2 large drawers with 2 slightly narrower drawers, side ottoman or end lift ottoman storage. What's more, you can select the upholstery from over 45 fabric choices and find the ideal headboard to match your style.

Wooden beds

Wooden king size beds are a popular choice due to their quality and versatility. Our collection of wooden bed frames features pieces constructed from natural oak, pine, rubberwood and more, as well as more affordable options comprised of particleboard. Whether you're looking for a natural or painted finish, you will be able to find it amongst our range of king size beds.

Metal bed frames

Metal beds are incredibly diverse, either embodying a classic or traditional style or something with a modern twist. Featuring options with copper or polished nickel finishes, our metal bed collection also includes pieces with coated or painted metal to give a colour finish.

King size fabric beds

Cozy yet luxurious, our range of upholstered beds showcase a range of materials and headboard styles. From crushed velvet, linen, polyester and other material, you can be sure to find the fabric king size bed that meets your aesthetic. What's more, many of the headboards that are part of this range feature stunning deco or classically buttoned style.

Faux leather king size bed frames

Sleek, simple and extremely easy to clean, our range of leather and faux leather king size beds are a popular choice. Their minimalist look ensure that they will suit the rest of your bedroom furniture with grace, so browse our collection today to find the king size bed for you.

King size ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are some of the easiest and sleekest storage solutions we offer. Our range features faux leather, upholstered or wooden king size ottomans, so you can be sure to find the one that suits your style aesthetic. You can lift the mattress from either the side or footend to reveal extra storage space for your bedroom, providing extra space to store clothes, bed sheets, cushions, blankets or whatever you see fit. Ottomans are less space-consuming compared to other bedroom storage furniture as an ottoman is utilising the bed frame that would otherwise be there for storage. If you prefer drawer storage, you may want to opt for a divan bed instead.

King size adjustable beds

Whether you prefer to sleep on an incline or are looking for a way to combat back or joint pain, our huge range of electric king size beds is a great place to start. Fully automated, adjustable beds allow you to control the incline you rest on remotely so you can get a fantastic night's sleep for years. Not only can such a king size bed help relieve pressure on strained joints, but it can also help your spine be correctly aligned as you sleep.

What brands of king size bed frames do we stock?

King size beds should make a real statement as a striking centerpiece in your bedroom. That's why we're proud to showcase brands that can provide you with luxurious sleeping space and the king size bed frame that suits you. Including GFW, Birlea, LPD Furniture, Julian Bowen, Westpoint Mills, Limelight, Heartlands Furniture and more, we're sure you will find what you're looking for amongst such amazing brands ranges of king size beds.