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Mattress Protectors

If you’re investing in a new mattress then you should probably do so with a mattress protector too. There are many good reasons to do this and the most obvious one is to protect the mattress. Keeping it clean and fresh is easy with a mattress protector, because it stops any dead skin cells, sweat and other mess getting through the sheets and onto the mattress.

When a mattress gets used and less fresh, it wears down its longevity and ability to stay feeling ‘new’. A little moisture every night getting through the mattress can build up over time, and could cause the mattress to lose its original comfort. As well as this, dust mites feed off our dead skin cells, so if there’s a protector stopping the skin cells from reaching the mattress it can help with allergy prevention too. Therefore a protector can help maintain the longevity of a mattress.

Lastly, most mattresses have warranties. If the mattress is stained however, it will void the warranty and you won’t be able to exchange it. Using a mattress protector will stop you from getting stains on your mattress and most importantly, allow you to exercise your warranty if it’s needed.

We have a range of mattress protectors that are all well suited to protecting your mattress from the above dangers.