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What is the importance of bedroom furniture?

For many of us, our bedroom is where we unwind, socialise and start and end every day. The sheer amount of time spent in our bedroom and the room's significance emphasises the importance of finding practical and stylish furniture.


To ensure a cohesive aesthetic and a layout that reflects your preferred style, it's essential that your bedroom features stylish furniture. From wardrobes to a chest of drawers and everything in between, most of the room's space will likely be occupied by furniture. Therefore, your bedroom furniture could be the difference between a stylish bedroom with furniture working in tandem with one another and a disjointed aesthetic.


Bedroom furniture is designed to accommodate a range of clothes, ornaments, bedroom essentials and other storage. Bedroom furniture can ensure your favourite possessions and garments are categorised and stored away to provide a clutter-free bedroom.

Why should I consider white bedroom furniture?

Whereas the design and size of your bedroom furniture must align with your furniture requirements, the colour of your bedroom furniture should revolve solely around aesthetics.

White is a neutral colour, therefore, compatible with various bedroom colour schemes and is also equally suited to contemporary and traditional designs. For example, white furniture is often a mainstay of sleek and minimalist living spaces but also works in conjunction with traditional spaces and is the perfect accompaniment to wooden beams.

White is synonymous with purity and helps to create an atmosphere of calmness, peace and clarity. Moreover, white's serene and uplifting tones can ensure a bright, airy, inviting room. This sense of calmness and peace is ideally suited to nursery and children's rooms as well as teenagers' and adults' bedrooms. Moreover, white reflects light and helps bedrooms to appear larger and more spacious; therefore, if your bedroom is relatively small, white bedroom furniture could help achieve the illusion of a larger room.

What white bedroom furniture does Mattressman feature?

We know the importance of bedroom furniture and therefore feature everything you need to create your dream layout. Please note we also showcase a variety of white bed frames that can be found on our website.

Bedside chests

Think of bedside chests as enhanced bedside tables that can accommodate your room's favourite possessions and remain within easy reach of your bed.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is ideal for storing folded clothes and providing a convenient central location for jumpers, jeans and other garments.


Similar to a chest of drawers, a wardrobe is designed to store your clothing; however, wardrobes feature an internal rail and spacious open area to hang clothes. The majority of our white wardrobes also feature accompanying drawers to store folded clothing. Our user-friendly website allows you to narrow your search and filter by the number of doors and drawers.

Dressing tables

If you're looking for a designated area to apply your make-up or skincare products in the mornings or evenings, a dressing table may be the furniture your bedroom is missing. Varying in size and storage facilities, we're sure to stock your dream dressing table.


Ideal for a study or home-working room, a desk could represent an incredibly practical and viable option.


Ensure your dressing table or desk features setting options courtesy of one of our comfortable and practical stools.

Bedroom sets

If you're looking for white bedroom furniture sets, our superb collection is perfect for your needs. Our bedroom sets are the ultimate furniture, consisting of a large wardrobe, a three-drawer chest, and a bedside drawer. A significant appeal of a bedroom set is that it ensures your furniture matches and alleviates the trouble of matching potential pieces to your current furniture.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Our commitment to affordability is reiterated by our free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) for in-stock items.

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