With anticipation of the following day’s festivities at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Christmas Eve is a special day. For children and adults alike, the prospect of a hearty feast and the latest gadgets, books and like-minded gifts will likely ensure spirits are high the evening before the big day. However, for children particularly, a good night’s sleep the night before Christmas day is easier said than done. An interrupted night’s sleep is likely to have a detrimental impact on your little one’s Christmas, and with this in mind, we’ve compiled some valuable tips and easy hacks to ensure your child or children sleeps soundly on Christmas Eve. 

Get plenty of exercise during the day

Exercise is not only beneficial for our mental and physical health but also an effective way of tiring us out before bedtime, hence why people often quip, ‘Run that energy off’. Simple exercises such as a walk or a bike ride are perfect for promoting tiredness. However, this should be a gradual process throughout the day; otherwise, it could make it more difficult for children to wind down. In fact, studies reveal proper exercise can alleviate sleep-related problems and help you get an adequate amount of rest. By the time your child reaches their designated bedtime, ideally, they’ll be ready for sleep, which leads us nicely to our next point. 

How To Get Your Kids To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Stick to their usual bedtime routine

Albeit not an easy feat, sticking to a bedtime routine and schedule will likely be a great help. The later into the night a child is awake, the greater the anticipation and excitement there is for Santa to come hurdling down the chimney with presents galore. By treating the evening of the 24th as any other day, you should see a seamless transition into the big day. If you want to go one step further, you can stick to regular bedtime routines in the build-up to Christmas day. Remaining consistent with bedtime patterns ensures everyone’s body clocks are regulated.

Turn off electronics close to bedtime

Kicking back and watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve is lovely, but you should avoid doing so close to your little one’s bedtime. Blue light emitted from electronics can cause us to stay up later as it disrupts our sleep hormone, melatonin, from being released. For this reason, keep the electronics away 30-45 minutes before bed. For more information regarding the impact of blue light, check out our blog

Agree on a time to open presents in the morning

Does this ring a bell? – ‘We will open presents this morning, but not at 6 am’ or ‘We promise to open presents when we get out of bed’. Agree on a set time to open gifts to avoid this conversation and manage expectations. Otherwise, it could result in the assumption that four or five am is a perfectly acceptable time to open presents. Just don’t make it too late – the waiting will undoubtedly be excruciating for them!

Read a Christmas bedtime story

Out with the electronics and in with a festive tale, bedtime stories allow for a blissful period of relaxation and set the wheels in motion for a cosy night’s rest. Plenty of heart-warming magical tales are out there, ensuring your little one will be spoilt for choice.

How To Get Your Kids To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Don’t be too loud when putting presents under the tree

Even if your children are renowned for being heavy sleepers, don’t be complacent in the midst of any last-minute tasks. Be extra careful when putting presents under the tree and try to avoid clattering into the tree or dropping presents at all costs.

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