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What are the dimensions of a super king bed?

The largest bed size we stock, our super king beds are designed to hold a mattress that is 6'0"(180cm) wide and 6'6" (200cm) long. However, each super king bed can vary due to various features that may be incorporated into the design, such as a headboard, footend or storage options. Super king size beds are brilliant for taller people, anyone who has ample space in their bedroom or loves to stretch out

What styles of super king bed frames do we stock?

Upholstered super king bed

To bring a warm and refined elegance to your interior aesthetic, consider a stunning fabric super king size bed from Mattressman. Including a range of materials such as polyester, crushed velvet, linen, velvet and more, you can also rely on our collections to showcase a variety of headboard designs, whether that's traditional buttoning or art deco styles you prefer. Our different types of fabric super king beds can offer you a cosy feel or the ultimate indulgence.

Storage beds

Super king beds are big, so why not make use of the bed frame for ottoman storage? Our storage beds come in the form of ottomans or divan bases. With ottomans, you can lift the mattress from the footend, or from the side in the case of some designs, to reveal underbed storage. Alternatively, you can customise your own divan with our divan builder, allowing you to choose from a variety of storage options, fabric upholstery and headboards. Find the storage bed for you amongst our vast range today.

Faux leather beds

Embodying classic or contemporary style, our range of faux leather super king size bed frames are versatile and super-easy to clean. With stunning headboard stitching across all our designs, a faux leather super king bed is the ideal choice for those who want to bring an element of luxury to their bedroom.

Wooden beds

If you've embraced wooden furnishings in your bedroom, why not find the perfect wooden super king bed frame to match? Whether it's a super king bed with a traditional shaker headboard or a design with a modern style, we're sure you can find the option that meets your aesthetic. Constructed from an array of natural materials such as pine, oak, rubberwood and more, you can rely on our range to provide quality wooden super king size beds.

Other types of super king size bed

At Mattressman, we want to make a good night's sleep as accessible as possible. That's why our range of super king bed frames include adjustable beds, perfect for anyone who needs extra pressure relief from painful joints or those who simply prefer to sleep on an incline. Adjustable beds are fantastic for promoting healthy spine alignment if you suffer from back pain too.

What brands of super king size beds do we feature?

Including brands such as Limelight, Birlea, Julian Bowen, Westpoint Mills, LPD Furniture, Windsor, Heartlands Furniture and more, we're certain that you can have a luxurious night's sleep on a bed from one of these trusted manufacturers. Featuring stylish and practical high-quality super king beds, shop through our various partnered brands to find the right bed for you.