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Electric beds are certainly a niche type of bed, however they are perfect for people that find comfort in sleeping on an incline as a result of injury or a condition. If you’ve tried every kind of pillow or even replaced your mattress as a result, trying an electric bed could be the next step for you to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Both practical and easy, the electric beds that we stock are controlled through a handset that’s designed to be easy to reach. These beds get power through sockets in your home, but also have a battery powered back-up just in case of a power cut. Available as a single or double, the doubles come with two separate mattresses so you can move independently from your partner. Similar to a divan bed, it comes in two halves for easy maneuverability and assembly. With this you can choose if you would like underbed storage too, making this a super-practical bed. With the ability to alter your incline without moving much, it really can be a great service for anyone who needs it. Whilst there are many more advantages to sleeping on an incline, it’s definitely worth researching if you feel like this kind of bed would benefit you.