If you’re looking for a mattress that is truly innovative, as well as fantastic value for money and environmentally friendly, JAY-BE’s Benchmark range is exactly what to look for. We’ll break down some of the best qualities across the Benchmark collection for you…

JAY-BE’s Benchmark Collection: Setting The Bar High


Every mattress in the Benchmark range utilises JAY-BE’s e-Fibres. Not only are they award-winning, but they’re also one of the most environmentally friendly fillings used in the mattress market. When compared to cotton fibres, the e-Fibre expels 90% less CO2 emissions, uses 99% less water and has 99% reduced land space.

JAY-Be has used e-Fibres in the replacement of foam, making their mattresses entirely foam-free. What’s more, JAY-BE has achieved all of this through recycling plastic bottles, and by continuing to choose Benchmark mattresses, we’re preventing more than 70 million plastic bottles from going to our oceans or landfills.

JAY-BE’s Benchmark Collection: Setting The Bar High

e-Spring core

Taking environmental consciousness a step further, the main support from Benchmark mattresses derives from the deep e-Spring core. The manufacture of this spring system is much greener when compared to typical production, requiring less water, energy, and steers clear of chemicals too.

A few Benchmark mattresses also include a layer of micro e-Pocket springs for an added layer of sumptuousness. This particular layer of springs is sonic welded, which has removed JAY-BE’s need for glue – again, another environmentally-friendly aspect which helps recycle the mattress at the end of its life.


Delivery is too easy with a Benchmark mattress too, as it will arrive vacuum-packed. This makes it easier for you to manoeuvre the mattress to whatever room in your house that you’d like it! Simply leave for up to 24 hours to decompress, and you’ll be on your way to some fantastic night’s sleep.

JAY-BE’s Benchmark Collection: Setting The Bar High

If these qualities resonate with what you’re looking for in a sleeping solution, you can find JAY-BE’s mattresses on our website here.