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Miracoil Mattresses

Miracoil, a term used by Silentnight to describe their own innovative spring system, is similar yet so different to your average open coil spring system. Silentnight have packed in twice as many springs into their mattresses, providing firmness and a quality place to hit the hay.

The system includes a continuous wire which weaves and connects with interwoven springs that run vertically along the length of the bed, which would usually run horizontally. Overall this provides much firmer support and prevents ‘roll-together’, something that is fairly common in open coiled mattresses.

Alongside this, Miracoil mattresses provide zoned support which promotes healthy spine alignment, maximised space with edge to edge support, as well as a super-comfortable night’s sleep through its own pressure relieving system. Silentnight are true pioneers of an effective design, especially because these mattresses are so durable too. You can stay comfy for many years to come with a Silentnight Miracoil mattress…