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Silentnight's bespoke mattress system

Silentnight went above and beyond when it came to their approach to the open coil spring system. Similar to open coil mattresses, the Miracoil spring system is comprised of a continuous coil too. However, the springs are linked together vertically rather than horizontally in an open coil mattress, creating a zoned spring system. Overall, this targets the issue presented by open coil mattresses that 'roll-together' after years of usage, however, this is not the case with Silentnight Miracoil mattresses. Such a specialised bed is designed to provide zoned support and a peaceful night's sleep, especially if they are incorporated with Silentnight's eco comfort fibres and an eco comfort layer. 

How is Miracoil different to a pocket sprung mattress?

Silentnight Miracoil mattresses have a completely different spring system when compared to pocket sprung mattresses. Miracoil mattresses showcase Silentnight's own zoned support spring system as described above, whilst pocket sprung mattresses are comprised of individual springs encased in their own fabric encasement. Similar to a pocket sprung mattress, Silentnight Miracoil mattresses offer a super sleep space that offers head to toe support, pressure relief and promote healthy spinal alignment. This is especially so for preferred back and stomach sleepers, as a Miracoil mattress tends to have medium firm or firmer support, which is more appropriate for these kinds of sleepers. 

Providing a refreshing night's sleep

Providing you with the support you need all night long, our range of Miracoil mattresses also incorporate a layer of memory foam into their designs. A great mattress often combines the support of a spring system and the comfort of memory foam, which is why a Miracoil mattress can be ideal for you. Memory foam shapes the contours of your body for the ultimate comfort, so we're positive that you will be able to find the Miracoil mattress for you in our range. With an average rating value of 4.7 out of 5, it's clear that Silentnight's Miracoil mattresses are unparalleled. Browse our options and find the most convenient available date for free delivery for you.

Mattressman's services and mattress recycling centre

With Mattressman, you can rely on us for our super services. Offering free next working day delivery, you can also choose the most convenient delivery date that works for you using our online booking system. Choose from doorstep delivery or our bedroom delivery service so you can get your new bed easily to your bedroom of choice. Our delivery teams wear personal protective equipment and delivery your new Miracoil mattress with hygienic plastic packaging. Make the most of our free delivery today and be on your way to super sleep in no time.
When purchasing a new mattress, you want the process to be as simple as possible, right? With Mattressman, we can take away your old mattress directly due to our mattress recycling service. We will melt down metal springs and repurpose foams and correctly dispose of any materials which cannot be reused. Our recycling service lets you get the best night's sleep knowing that you recycled your mattress in the most environmentally friendly way possible.