What is natural bedroom furniture?

Natural furniture is defined as a framework solely constructed from wood or a material that gives off the impression of wood, such as MDF or particleboard. Whilst additions such as metal handles or glass mirrors may accompany some of our natural furniture, most of the structure will solely comprise wood or a wood effect aesthetic.

What different types of material are included in our collection?


Oak bedroom furniture is often considered the most premium and elegant variation of natural furniture. Incredibly robust and embodying a stunning, rustic aesthetic, oak furniture creates the perfect balance between style and durability.


Medium-density fiberboard is an engineered wood constructed from thin fibres of wood, resin and wax. MDF is considered a more affordable alternative to woods such as oak and pine, yet replicates the aesthetic of real wood. Moreover, MDF is recognised for its durability, so you can relax knowing your furniture is built to last.


Usually, particleboard is cheaper than MDF and is regarded as a budget option for furniture. However, particleboard is robust and durable and an ideal choice for your bedroom furniture. 


This type of furniture is constructed of wood that is then covered with sheets of melamine.

What is the appeal of natural furniture?


Solid wood bedroom furniture embodies a rustic and quaint aesthetic and is synonymous with traditional settings. Few materials compare to wood if you're looking for understated furnishings that exude warmth and character. Regarding interior design, you can rely on a helping hand from Mattressman.


All of our natural furniture is built to last, so whether your furniture is constructed from oak, MDF or any other material included within our range, you can rely on your new bedroom furniture to withstand the test of time.

Consider our range of painted wood furniture

We also feature a range of white bedroom furniture constructed from oak or oak-effect materials. These furnishings are popular among those trying to blur the lines between a traditional and contemporary aesthetic. The traditional properties of oak furniture perfectly contrast the modernity of white bedroom furniture culminating in beautiful furnishings. The other appeal of white furnishings is that they help contribute towards a serene and peaceful bedroom adding abundant character.

What different types of natural bedroom furniture are included within our range?

We feature everything you could need to kit out your bedroom; detailed below is more information regarding our natural bedroom furniture. Please note we also include wooden bed frames, including single and double beds, which are listed under our website's beds section.


Whether it's a combination wardrobe or a mirrored wardrobe, we will surely feature the ideal storage solution for your bedroom. You can narrow your search via style and choose between the number of drawers and doors.

Chest of drawers

If you'd like a central location to store your folded clothes and garments, consider a chest of drawers. Similar to our wardrobes, you can categorise your search via the number of drawers.

Bedside chests

Bedside chests are essentially bedside tables featuring integrated storage facilities. A bedside chest is the way to go if you'd like a convenient piece of furniture to accommodate your bedside essentials. Utilise the spacious storage compartments and surface area to store bedroom essentials.

Bedroom furniture sets

Buy in bulk and ensure your bedroom features a cohesive set of beautiful natural furnishings. Our bedroom sets include a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a bedside table. 

Dressing tables

Our range of natural dressing tables ensures your bedroom preparation area has never been more practical and stylish. The combination of deep drawers and spacious surface areas culminates in the ultimate bedroom furniture.


Ideal for a home office, a desk can transform your working space.


A stool is ideal if you require a seat to accompany your desk or dressing table.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Here at Mattressman, we have been trusted with supplying bedrooms nationwide with stylish, practical and durable furniture for many years. With a commitment to quality and affordability, Mattressman is on hand to help transform your bedroom.