As we say goodbye to the summer, it’s time to get excited about the kids heading back to school, which means a new uniform, new stationery, and of course, getting back into a sensible sleep routine.

After plenty of playtimes and longer evenings, all the excitement can mean that getting back into a proper routine after the summer break can prove to be quite a challenge for everyone involved.

So we’ve come up with some tips to hopefully make your routine run a bit smoother and to make sure you or your little ones don’t lose out on any sleep.

Perfecting A Back-To-School Sleep Routine

Regular sleep schedule

As the school mornings draw closer, consider implementing a new bedtime routine now. It will hopefully get everyone used to going to bed on time and getting up early.

Schedule mealtime 

Try and schedule dinner time around your child’s bedtime, making sure you leave enough time between their meal and sleep.

Perfecting A Back-To-School Sleep Routine

Check bedding and mattresses 

You’ll want your child to be getting the best sleep possible as they head back to school, so be sure to check their bedding and mattress. Consider switching to a heavier tog duvet if they’re cold.

Take away tech 

After a summer break filled with later bedtimes and plenty of TV and games in the evening, this can be a difficult one to enforce. But removing technology from your child’s evening routine will help them get accustomed to early nights and make for a less stressful bedtime.

Perfecting A Back-To-School Sleep Routine

Talk it through 

Explain to your child the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Getting them involved in conversations with regards to their bedtime will help them understand why you’re setting such a routine.

Have you and the little one got back into your usual routine ahead of the new school term starting? Don’t worry if not, there is still plenty of time! Hopefully, you’ll find some of our points useful. Leave us a comment below if you have used any of our tips for your bedtime.