Is your pillow feeling a bit limp and flat? Does your neck crave that soft support that your pillow gave you when you first lay on its cushioned plumpness?

Mattressman‘s super tip to your pillow a new lease of life – simply stick some tennis balls in the dryer with it.

We recommend putting the (dryer friendly!) pillow in the tumble-dryer, with a dryer sheet and two tennis balls on medium heat.

Freshen Your Pillows Up With Tennis Balls

Once the cycle is up the pillows will be light and fluffy again, with a new lease of life – so you can relax into comfortable bedding and get a great night’s sleep.

This is a brilliant way of saving money on buying new bedding- however, if your pillows are beyond help, then why not splash out on a new pillow? Check out our range here today, where we have options for a variety of sleeping positions as well as fillings.