We all have different preferences when it comes to showering; some of us swear by showering in the morning whilst others insist an evening shower before bed is the way to go. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, you’ve likely been stuck to a routine for quite some time and feel no reason to change.

Should you shower before bed? And what are the benefits and drawbacks to our sleep when we bathe in the evening?

Generally, the consensus is that showering or bathing at night has more health and sleep benefits when compared to the morning. This being said, if you’re used to washing in the morning and prefer this routine, switching to night-time bathing may not be for you.

To settle this debate once and for all, join us as we dive deep into both practices, uncovering which routine is best.

Sleep and sweat: the facts

At night, our bodies sweat. Some more than others but generally, night-time is our body’s opportunity to expel all of the toxins and bacteria our skin has accumulated throughout the day. On average, we lose around 200 millilitres of sweat every night. This comes as no surprise, as we humans are often cooped up in comfortable mattresses with bedding of all different warmth settings – the likes of which create the perfect environment for us to sweat.

While sweat does serve an important function in our bodies, it can make for an incredibly uncomfortable night’s sleep. We’ve all been there, tossing and turning with about five different fans blowing air in all sorts of directions. Night sweats are certainly not ideal.

When’s The Best Time To Shower?

Why shower at night?

As a potential solution to night sweats, many turn to the idea of having a quick shower before bed. Let’s look at the benefits of a night-time shower:

They help you fall asleep quicker

Whilst a hot shower or bath will temporarily raise our temperature, it actually serves to cool us down once you’re dry. Our internal body clocks release hormones close to our bedtime that ensure our body temperature drops by about a degree, making us feel tired. Having a shower 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep can help this process, pushing you to feel sleepy and hopefully nod off quicker than usual.

They’re good for brighter and healthier skin

Not only does showering help open and clean your pores, but doing so in the evening helps remove the toxins and oils that have built up throughout the day. If you prefer to shower in the morning, it’s still a good idea to wash your face in the evening for this reason.

They improve sleep quality

Studies have shown that bathing at night prompts various bodily functions to make you feel sleepy. When compared to those who showered in the morning, the studies revealed that night-time bathers experienced the high quality of sleep and felt more refreshed.

Why shower in the morning?

On the opposite side of things, morning showers are used as a quick jump-start to the day, preparing individuals for work. So, why else do people shower in the morning?

They wake you up

By far the most immediate effect of showering in the morning is the instant feeling of alertness that you receive. Hot or cold, nothing quite wakes you up like a good splash of water.

They cleanse your body

As previously mentioned, our bodies release sweat during the night to help cleanse us of harmful toxins. A good way of flushing these away is to have a shower once you wake up. Just be sure to use the right soap for the job.

They improve skin health

Our daily skin routines are best tackled in the morning with a fresh face. Having a shower in the morning helps with this as it gives us a great opportunity to ensure our skin is in its best condition possible, prior to facing any debris the outdoors.

So, when should you shower?

Ultimately, it’s clear to see that both times of day for showering have their own advantages; sometimes cancelling the other out. This makes it very hard to point towards one time as being the best. A more radical suggestion would be to have a compromise. 

Why stick to just one time? Routine-enhancing benefits aside, showering should really be done when it’s needed.

Need help sleeping?

Do you shower before bed or in the morning? Whichever side you fall on, one thing’s for certain: a good night’s sleep is universally adored. 

For anyone who gets too hot throughout the night, a cooling gel mattress may be the answer you’ve been searching for; but if you’re too cold, you may wish to invest in a high tog duvet and bedding set to keep you warm.