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What is a headboard?

A headboard is a unit that resides above the seeping end of the bed and covers the bed's width. The most common variations of headboards are wooden, fabric and metal headboards.

Why should I consider a black headboard?

Black is considered a rich and intense colour and, in recent years, black has become a mainstay in living spaces and connotes power and elegance; a black headboard is therefore considered a strong statement and the bedroom's focal point. Moreover, the colour black can be paired with an array of different colours and can be the basis for both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. So, complement your bed frame and bedroom décor with a stunning black headboard from our extensive range.

What materials consist of Mattressman's black headboard collection?

Our entire range of black headboards is upholstered in exquisite, soft-to-the-touch fabrics culminating in a headboard that is as comfortable as it is stylish. A black headboard is ideally suited for a black bed frame to ensure a cohesive and matching aesthetic.

Consider a black faux leather headboard

For all the benefits of a leather headboard at a more affordable price point, consider our range of black headboards upholstered in faux leather. In addition, faux leather is regarded as a low-maintenance option as it's easy to clean.

Can I purchase a black metal headboard from Mattressman?

Whilst we don't stock black metal headboards sold as separate accessories, browse our black bed collection for an extensive range of black metal beds.

Mattressman's black headboard types

Floorstanding headboards

As the name suggests, this type of headboard stands directly on the floor and can be attached to the wall. A floorstanding headboard is renowned for its sturdiness.

Strutted headboards

Strutted headboards feature two reinforced struts to seamlessly attach to a divan bed base.

Mattressman's black headboard styles

Our black headboard styles consist of buttoned and winged headboard designs; read below for further information regarding these designs.

Buttoned headboards

A buttoned style is considered a modern headboard choice and features beautiful rows of deep, ample buttoning.

Winged headboards

Winged headboards are often regarded as the most elegant and opulent headboard choice; this type of headboard features two overarching wings on either side of the headboard to create a cosy, sleeping environment and elevates the bed frame to the position as the most glamorous piece of furniture within the room.

Apart from style, what does a headboard offer?

Neck and back support

When sitting upright in bed, be it for food, a television series or anything else, an upholstered headboard provides cushioned neck and back support.

Protects your pillows

The addition of a headboard prevents the pillows from slipping down the sleeping end of the bed.

Wall protection

If the bed is placed against the wall, the headboard can be a protective barrier to prevent minor scuffs and damage between the bed and the wall.

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