It’s no secret that decorating and furniture shopping for a smaller bedroom is more challenging than a spacious room. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in practical furnishings that aren’t likely to take up too much space. In this blog, we outline the best furniture to suit smaller bedrooms. 

The Best Bedroom Furniture For Small Rooms

How do I go about furnishing a small bedroom?

If you have the luxury of a large bedroom, you can be confident that any furniture will be a great fit. However, furnishing a smaller room is often more challenging and therefore, it’s essential to research. We recommend measuring your room before purchasing to gauge the right fit for your room. It’s also important to pay attention to the product’s dimensions to better understand how much room the furniture will occupy. 

A common mistake is not getting the balance right between floor space and your furniture. In other words, just because the furniture fits within the room doesn’t necessarily mean your bedroom is large enough for your wardrobe, chest of drawers or other furniture. Ideally, you’ll want plenty of room to freely walk around while ensuring enough furniture to accommodate your clothes and other possessions. As Beautiful Homes explains, ideally, you’ll want to ‘choose a small bedroom interior design idea that will keep the space clutter-free but includes all the essential commodities.’

So, what’s the best furniture for smaller bedrooms?

Start with the bed

Seeing as your bed is likely to occupy the greatest space in your bedroom, it only makes sense to plan your room around the bed. Of course, a king or super king size bed would be fantastic; however, this may not be feasible. Instead, a small double bed is a space-saving alternative to a double bed for anyone who doesn’t sleep alone. 

Alternatively, consider an ottoman bed that conveniently includes integrated storage within the bed frame. Ottoman beds are fantastic options for rooms with restricted space as they offer a convenient storage area without occupying additional space. These beds lift from the side or footend of the bed to reveal a spacious storage solution ideally suited for bedding, clothing and other garments. If you’re ‘trying to keep double the amount of belongings in one small bedroom’, a storage bed is likely your best bet. 

Prioritise height over width

With smaller rooms, it’s more important than ever to utilise space that would otherwise unlikely be occupied; by using the walls right up to the ceiling, you use the space you have more efficiently while drawing the eye upwards, making the room seem larger. For instance, you may find that a narrow wardrobe in which there’s a greater emphasis on height caters towards the majority of your outfits without occupying much floor space. With this in mind, consider our narrow chest of drawers and wardrobes. Despite a slight stature, these furnishings provide deceptively ample storage space and could transform your room. 

The Best Bedroom Furniture For Small Rooms

The best furniture for small guest rooms

More likely than not, the guest room will be the smallest room within the house. In most cases, guest rooms aren’t occupied as frequently as the other rooms in the house, and therefore, it makes sense to dedicate the smallest room in the house to your overnight guests. 

Moreover, many people opt for furniture solutions that can be easily stored away whenever necessary. Many people won’t see a need for the bed to always be on display if the room is rarely occupied, and with this in mind, a large proportion of our guest bedroom furniture is dedicated towards folding beds, trundle beds and stowaway beds. Additionally, our day beds are multifunctional and can be utilised as a sofa or bed frame, ideal for bedrooms with restricted space. 

If you’re looking for two separate sleeping solutions but are conscious of your room’s available space, consider a trundle bed. This bed type consists of two bed frames with one bed conveniently fitting underneath the primary frame. 

The Best Bedroom Furniture For Small Rooms

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