For anyone who wears makeup, I’m sure you’ve pondered at one point or another whether it’s worth the hassle of removing it before bedtime. This thought process usually coincides with returning from a party or social event late at night, exhausted and ready to turn in for the night. Whilst the need to remove makeup before bedtime is well-documented, you may not be aware of just how important it is. Our blog explores the importance of consistently removing makeup before bedtime and how you can make this a seamless experience.

The Importance Of Removing Makeup Before Bedtime

So, why is it important to remove makeup before bedtime?

Increased likelihood of breaking out

Visualise the makeup on your face as a magnet that attracts oils, dirt and dead skin; leaving makeup on overnight is ‘an open invitation for bacteria, clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads’. If your makeup isn’t removed, it can ‘clog your pores and cause acne’.

Gives off the impression of ageing skin

There’s a painful irony to this as makeup is often designed to have the opposite effect of ageing skin; however, makeup left on overnight can age your skin. As Westlake Dermatology explains, ‘during the day, your skin is exposed to free radicals and other oxidative stressors which can break down collagen and cause line and wrinkle development’ and that ‘sleeping with your makeup on seals these free radicals onto the surface of the skin all night long.’

Eye irritation

Sleeping with makeup on can cause eye irritation, itchiness and infection as ‘makeup particles can rub off onto the pillowcase and get into your eyes.’ 

Dry skin

Whilst you sleep, the skin ‘renews itself‘, however, makeup prevents this from happening as your skin won’t be able to ‘repair itself and stay hydrated’, potentially leading to dryness and flakiness.

How can I get in the habit of taking my makeup off?

Setting an alarm

Setting an alarm may sound futile; after all, who forgets to remove their makeup? It’s usually a case of we fall asleep before we get the chance to. However, an alarm could wake you from your doze and jolt you into action. 

The Importance Of Removing Makeup Before Bedtime

Visualise your skin in the morning

Don’t be too harsh on yourself or get yourself into a frenzy; after all, forgetting to take your makeup off once in a while comes with minimal consequences. However, if you’re debating whether to remove your makeup, visualise how your skin could feel the following morning after considering the problems that accompany this mentioned above in our blog.

Construct a preparation area within your home

Small margins, perhaps, but having your own cute set-up could provide the much-needed incentive to consistently remove your makeup. Our stunning range of dressing tables here at Mattressman encompasses everything you need for your early morning makeup or evening skincare routine and feature drawers, spacious surface areas and mirrors, among other innovative features.