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recycling your old mattress

#Do1Thing with Mattressman to help save our planet.

Recently there’s been a huge increase of stories and cases arising that are linked back to the extremely damaging effects of climate change.

The bushfires in Australia have caused a surge of people donating to the cause, but it makes us question what else is there that we can do to help to save the planet? As humans, we all have personal responsibilities to strive towards a more environmentally conscious society, and this includes sending as little as possible to the landfill.

If your mattress is due an upgrade soon, don’t take your old one down to the local tip. You may be thinking that the materials in mattresses aren’t exactly harmful, so what’s the big deal? And whilst these materials may not be the most damaging in the dump, the mattress will be waiting to deteriorate for decades to come.

By the time you purchase your next new mattress, the old mattress from 20 years ago will remain so, maybe with more waste piling up on top of it. A question comes to light: how can we go about mattress disposal in a more environmentally sustainable way?

Recycling mattresses is not a new phenomenon, in fact Mattressman has been operating under a zero landfill policy for over five years. We also offer one of the cheapest recycling services in the mattress industry, collecting and recycling your old mattresses and bed frames for only £25 per item.

The cost covers the removal of the item and the transportation to a recycling centre to get sorted and treated. Once there, springs will be removed so they can be recycled at steel mills, and any foams are sanitized and repurposed for padding. As for the rest, wood and textiles that are contaminated will be used for energy production.

Not only does this mean you can sleep better on a new mattress, but you can sleep better knowing that every part of your old mattress is being recycled – not just waiting to deteriorate in a landfill.

If you can #Do1Thing for our environment, ensure that you recycle your mattress and frame when you refresh your bed next time. These small steps will help us protect Essex and the world for future generations to come.

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